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Parenting || From two societies point of view



Playing with kids is one of the enjoyable time we should pass. When I spend quality time with my daughter I just think about Once I was of that kind of kid and my parents used to pass time with meabot in the same way. In our life we are not self sufficient at least in the early stages of life. Kids are fully dependent.

Nursing a kid is not a simple task what I felt from couple of weeks experience. It is one of the difficult works I must say. For example my daughter is of just one years of age and should use at least one person all the time to take care of heart except she is sleeping. Me, my wife and mother. We are three in my family right now but out of three at least one should we see with her all the time. In this time we have some work of personal needs official cooking and some other day to day activities but out of all these activities we need to take care of heart by at least one. This is not an easy job. It is responsible and difficult task I must say. If you think about parents how nicely they spend time for us. and nursing us in our childhood. We must take care of our parents by thinking about the situation what we are playing with our next generation. We have also got such kind of support from our parents and that's the reason the process is continued.

In modern society we can see e a huge number of people are not interested to take baby. Even in Bangladesh we can see two baby for a family which is very common in the rich society who are busy enough. Some of them are satisfied with one also. This is a common problem I have observed in the society of rich. They don't like to spend time with their kids and this is not interview moment for them at all because they are busy with their professional life and earning so so money.

What in the village area and the porch society the situation is totally different and you can see at least four or five kids by any couple. Sometimes we can see e more than 7 as well. This is what the difference between the two Society of rich and poor or at least here in Bangladesh. In village area we can see some joint family were a number of people are involved in the family. It is not a difficult task for those families to nursing a baby. If there are 15 members in the family then if anyone spend 5 to 10 minutes for the baby then it is easy task for all of them and with passing time with the kids all of them are enjoying a lot. In that way the difficulties of nursing baby is reducing widely. The village people are in the process it are not as busy as the city people who are rich because they only work in the daytime that is physically hard work and after that they are free and would like to spend time with family so comfortable. On the other hand they are not used to with the modern technologies like mobile phone television and that's why they have enough time to spend for the family and kids as well. In case of virtual life the rich families normally spend huge amount of time on their mobile phone and watching news in the television for watching sports drama serial.

This is what the cultural difference between the to society and I prefer to the village society which is the best that is my personal opinion.


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