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My Travelling Experience to Beautiful Lake of Bangladesh: Kaptai Lake



About Kaptai Lake

**Kaptai Lake** is the largest lake in Bangladesh of Kaptai Sub-district of Rangamati District in Chittagong (currently Chattogram) division. In the front of the lake there is the only hydro-electric project in Bangladesh. While making dam for the hydroelectric project the Lake has been created.It’s about 30 m deep on average. In 1956, the hydroelectric project had been initiated here. After the project about 220 square kilometre of farming land went under water, thus in consequence the lake is formed. The Dam gate has 16 gates and about one and forty-nine thousand cubic metre of water per second can pass through it from lake to the turbine area.

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Mainstreem of the lake belongs to Rangamati District. Some part is in Khagrachari District as well. You can see the map below about the location-

Short Description

After the hydroelectic project initiation the lake has been formed normally. Thus low laying lands become unfarmable. But some problems of the local tribe people has been solved. They area is full of drinking water. So the problem of water has been solved. They can farm in the upper part of the hill as well. Their travelling has improved. Previously they need to walk through the uneven land. But now they can easily travel by boat from one place to another. Fishing has become another job opportunity for them. And finally the who lake has become a very attractive tourist place. Suporting the tourists is a job for the local people now. They can supply boat, sell food, drive cars, be guide, sell their local made products, arrages program etc.

Its not only beautiful but also a tradition historical place in Bangladesh. There were history **Chakma** tribe living here in the hilly district. There are some other tribes as well. The whole lake and its area is full of natural beauty. Hilly area, indegeneous people lives, lake itself are the wonderful places of the lake. From one point you can see the whole beauty of eye sight distance. Charming blue colur water, blue sky, green hills really awesome. Wind and fresh water will plesent the tourists mind. Peace and calmness all around.

You can see the details about the lake from the authentic source of Banglapedia from the link below-



Ways to Travel

There are a number of ways to travel the **kaptai lake**. How will you travel in depends on which picnic spot or bank you are choosing? The whole Rangamati District is surrounded with this large lake. All the beautiful picnic spots are on the bank of different places. If you select a point for your travel or picnic then you will able to visit the other spots by travelling with boat. As I mentioned earlier, every spot is on the bank of the lake. Two major defense force of Bangladesh like Army, Navy have established several picnic spots beside the cantonments of battalions. After taking permission from their authority, these picnic spots can be hired for a day or several days. We have hired Army ones.


For this you need to come Chittagong first. From Bohoddarhat of Chittagong district or any area on the town you will able to pick a microbus. It will take only about 2 hours to reach exactly on the spot. The was of the spot is full with very beautiful natural views of hills and lakes. It’s almost in the last point of that road that’s why you will experience the view of all other spots on the way.


Hotel, Food and Guide Facilities

This place is popular among all classes of people in Bangladesh to travel because there are wide range of hotel and restaurant facilities available from cheap to luxurious. As I mentioned this spot was established by Army. They have established Helipad, several beautiful resort like lake shore there. All the resorts are wonderful as its just beside the lake or you can say over the lake. So, you will find huge wind and nature from the window of that resorts. Army will support their best to travel so you will not need extra guide. Beside the picnic spot cooking arrangement are available. So, its best choice if you bring cook and cooking items with you as we did. In that case, you will able to take food as your choice. Otherwise you need to order food from the picnic spot authority. A few numbers of restaurants are available here. Local traditional foods are available in these restaurants. Normally local dishes are common in those restaurants. But will not find good facility of food like high class restaurant. For one day picnic you can bring lunch box from the restaurants of Chittagong. For more than one day, you should contact with the resort facility providers or Army. They can provide you as best they can.


My Experience

Couple of months back, I along with some of my colleagues attended a picnic of local community of engineers. The picnic was arranged by our engineer’s community. We started early in the morning. On the way we have taken our breakfast in the car which was picked earlier to save time. Within 2 hours we have reached to the picnic spot on the bank of **Kaptai lake.** We met one another there and have a look to the surrounding area. I have found some frinds there and walked here and there with them around the lake.

After taking tea, we have participated in the gaming competitions of putting ball into the goal post. Unfortunately, my shot hits the goal bar. After sports captured some photographs of the location. Then went to a mile away to offer prayer as it was Friday. The way of mosque was nice which was decorated by the Army. The prayer mosque was Army mosque as well.

After the prayer, we took lunch which was cooked there in that time. So, it’s nice to have a meal in front of the lake almost in the open sky. We enjoyed a lot. There was a cultural program arranged on the picnic spot. Raffle draw, gift, sports prize has been given after the cultural program. It was a memorable and interesting program in front of a nice lake. Listen to some music from community of us, was very interesting to watch.

We have passed time there still the sunset. Sunset on the lake shore is very pleasant as well. So, we have left the lake shore after the sun set. It was very charming, calm, peaceful, interesting and memorable tour in my life. Most of us have enjoyed a lot.

See Some Photographs I have taken with my Sony Mini Cyber Shot Camera in the Daylight.








Feature or Specialty of the Place

1. Natural beauty of lake
2. Hospitality from indigenous people
3. Secured as beside Army camp
4. Well decorated
5. Healthy environment
6. Boat travelling is available
7. Huge spaced picnic spot
8. Facilities of food making

I have uploaded several videos of this tour to DTube video sharing platform. Here is the link of that videos below. You can check that clips as well


About Myself in Brief

I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I like to share my opinion and ideas through blogging. I would like to share my learning so that anyone can be benefited from my effort. I blog on Textiles, Online Money Making, Agriculture, Technology and some Random topics. Capturing Nature and Playing Cricket is my hobby. I am always a learner and eager to learn from anyone.

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