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Mixed Fruit with Milk Shake



Milk Shake with Mixed Fruit
Milk Shake Fruit is excellent yummy and nutrious dessert in Bangladesh. Its a royal dessert. After heavy meal and lunch we normally want to take this nice dessert. Its very sweet and different tasty. Due to the mixture of differnt items with milk makes it of differnt taste and good nutrious value. In each and every bite you will find different taste of previous bite. So its very gorgeous and healthy dessert.  It’s popular in upper and upper middle-class people of Bangladesh. Its very rare to get this dessert here. Some restaurants are serving this such a good dessert. Its yummy and very much delicious. People here in Bangladesh have so much love for this awesome delicious food. You can take this food in different forms like mixture with different items like ice-cream, milk, fruit, semai etc.


My Experience
Couple of days back, while walking through the stree with some of friends got this one. After lunch, i have ordered this one. You can have mixed taste from this special dessert. So it was tasty and good experience.

Quality depends on customers choice. Customer judges with different factors like taste, smell, costing, hygiene, service, environment etc. In case of me, it’s a quality food at quality restaurant. They are famous to make this mixture. Its complete dessert.

Recipe and Ingredients
As far I know and talked with them-
- Milk
- Semai
- Ice
- Fruit
- other ingredients.

Food Preparation
Food preparation is not very easy and not so complex as well. It needs not to cook. Just mix well all the items. Milk is cooked for a while and other items had to prepared for perfect shape. After that, just making of this mixture to have a delicious dessert.  All ingredients are arranged at previous night so that food preparation cannot be hampered. It just taken 5 minutes to get the meal.

Feature or Specialty of the food
- Perfect dessert
- Good nutrious value
- Different taste at different bite

Location of the restaurant
Its located in the entrance gate of nice tourist place in Chittagong that is Foy's Lake. Its just in between two popular places An international University and Famous tourist place. Its beside the Dhaka- Chittagong Highway. Lots of **Foy's Lake** tourista and University students gather here. Station passangers also visit to this nice restaurant for such a great dessert. Local people frequently go to this restaurant. Its in the perfect place of crowd. Well decorated and wash room facilities. Food value, Hygiene, Environment and Service is also very good. Its popular here in Chittagong.

Specialty or Feature of the Restaurant
- Fresh Food
- Hygiene conscious
-  Delicious recipe maker

Drawbacks of the Restaurant
- Main drawbacks of popular restaurant is gathering. Huge crowd and noise.
- Due to crowd quality and timely service is not always possible.


You don't need to pay a lot for this dessert. Per cup is only 1 USD. Such a beautiful dessert. Good deal.


My Ratting
- Food taste: 5/5
- Hygiene: 5/5
- Health Benefits: 4.5/5
- Environment: 4.5/5
- Service: 4.5/5
- Location: 4/5
- Cooking Time: 5/5
- Price: 4.5/5


Restaurant Information

Kashbon Restuarant

Baraiyarhat, Mirsarai, Chittagong, Bangladesh

177.218 SRY$0.00