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Leisure Time spending with family is the key to Happiness



Spending time with family is really great. I don't know how many of us would like to to spend quality time with the family members. I can see a good number of people in the village area of Bangladesh would like to spend time at market rather at home. In the morning and afternoon they would like to go to the market to meet couple of friends and spend some time there by hanging with them and gossiping. There are a few you don't like to go to market this is not due to the covid-19 situation. Actually there love to spend time with family members. And I am personally of those few peoples group. For me the first priority is almaty God and prayer. After that I would like to to spend time with family members which is my second priority and this is the one of my dream to have quality try with them.

Those who have families with couple of members for kids at home there I like to stay home more and more because kids are so lovely always. Previous time I had only wife and mother at home but now I have a cute daughter of a year of age. The world the best times in my life I'm spending now with my daughter because in the morning and afternoon time I go out from home with her for having some fun and walking around my official campus. This is not in the contact of me but my daughter also love this moment very much as she enjoys it nicely.

The family who has some kids should enjoy such kind of true love of this world. I think the family which dont causes kids are really like a death house. Kids makes the house alive and always busy. This is what the culture the people here love to believe. Where is it tradition in Bangladesh of nursing kids. In previous time we had experience of having even more than 10 babies by a mother. With all other works they would like to maintain the nursing of babies. When the family size is big then it is not difficult to nursing the baby's.


Now there are a lot of single families where husband wife are only the member of the family and in that time it is really crucial for them to maintain the nursing of baby because sometimes one member or both the member are involved with several kinds of jobs. This is the practice we can see which is different from the previous time and that's why the number of kids per family is reducing dramatically. Government is also trying to initiate several programs to limit the birth rate as are one of the highly populated countries in the world. Another vital factor is the fitness level which I must mention here. Day by day we are losing our fitness to conceive and nursing. There are a lot of factors also involved with the fitness problem like food habit Lifestyle habit and some impact of medicine also. Whatever the changes I have mentioned in this post is really The dramatic change which I have experienced within 20 years. If you just go back to 30 years and now its huge difference in fitness growth rate health and other issue I am mentioned here.


They should have some proper research on the fitness level down. Because the key factor and the impact has to be identified first to solve the problem from these days. And I would like to welcome all of the readers of this post to spend quality time with the family more and more and I think it will be a better way to spend the leisure time after doing or completing work. Thank you very much for stopping by


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