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Importance of the decision of Policy makers



Policy setting !!! We see a lot of meetings, discussions, seminars on this policy. There is a lot of writing in newspapers about the role of policy makers in policy making and policy making. Today we will discuss some issues related to policy making.

Policy making is a very important issue because the country, the nation, the society or a family runs by the policy that is decided. So what a job looks like depends on the principles. It will be determined by the decision of the policy makers, that is, when we talk about determination, a group or a group or a society will follow the principles of the future. So no matter what is said, the role of policy making is immense in the change or development of a society. Whether it is the government or the leadership of the society or the local people, it is always the talented and honest people who are involved in policy making.


We sometimes see some examples of policy making that seem very ridiculous. I will give a few examples which do not need to be matched with any event or coincidentally because I do not agree with it because the words I am saying are purely imaginary and have no resemblance to reality.

The term of diploma engineering in the education system of a country is three years, i.e. students can complete their studies in three years and join the workplace. But if that happens, some policy-makers have taken three years of content to ten years in tenetun in the hope that they will pay for their meetings or get a TA DA or do something. What will happen is that every student will waste more than a year from national life. Then how many millions of hours will be lost from a country's national economy for a small policy-making decision.

The government always wants to develop and show that it is a democracy or any other system. If any government does that, it will build bridges and bridges in some places to do a lot of development in the countryside, with which only a few cows and goats will move in the future because the policy is rural development. Then where will the important money of the country be spent. What will be balanced development! Again, if a government does such a thing, it will be applauded for doing big things but it will not even take the news of the countryside because the policy is big things that are visible. That too is not balanced.

Balanced development is needed in all cases. In this case, the policy makers will decide whether they will develop the village or do big mega projects. Whatever he does, it is in the interest of a balanced and ordinary people. Because this development is done with everyone's money. The money he gave so that he can get his return means not to develop another area with one's money. That is why in our country, like the big countries of the world like America, the electoral seats are fixed based on the population of the territory. Although there are more than 10 constituencies in one district, balanced development is another factor in other districts. Whatever it is. In that case, the next policy to be balanced will tell who will be given priority. For example, I hear people say that when the Democrat government comes to America, they see the benefits of the poor and the Republicans are actually the rich. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. And that's why there are so many cultures, differences and inequalities.


Again in many cases we see that when policy makers take on such a role when their child or their close relatives benefit from this then the whole system is changed which later becomes a model. Examples of such incidents can always be found.

The little decision of the policy maker can go a long way for a country and a nation. For example, if a government thinks that it will improve any sector, that is, I assume that it will improve the livestock and dairy industries, then those of us who have tactics or policy makers do not go to people's houses and tell them to keep cows. Instead, policy makers make decisions or set up systems that will automatically improve the sector. We see that the government sets a ceiling on the rate of deposit and the rate of loan to control the money supply of the country. This actually controls the amount of money supply. If you want to improve in an industry, when you announce an incentive package in that industry, the automatic people rush towards that industry and by doing so, that sector starts to improve. So the role of those who will be in the decision making process is immense.

Sometimes some people are heard to say that with so many heads of government working, again I, we also give money but the government does what it loses. Strange !!! Those of us who give money do not say anything to these heads nor do we say anything to the government. Because even if we are the government ourselves or we can't change it much. However, if the government gives money to the people, the company will open and lose after loss. So what do these heads do !!! And private companies do not lose. And if he did, he would have stopped because he is responsible for the money.

It is important for those who make policies or decisions or legislate on any issue to keep in mind that my small decision should not be for the temporary benefit but for the benefit of all of us. And only by doing so can any policy setting bring results. But if a big decision is omitted to make up one's personal needs, then the result is bad for everyone later on. Many thanks to everyone.
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