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Imagination is much more important than knowledge



It is said that imagination is much important than realisation. It is much better to think about the human life universe our body and everything around us. Maximum people of this world are Doer they are surviving with their work and activities. But a few of them are thinking about what happening in this universe and what is our beginning and what is your ending. Where to go and what to do and for what we are here in this world.

Well I just think about these things its miraclus change I can feel inside myself about several issues. the thinking in that way can change the lifestyle the attitude and softness of heart. The softness of mind can be achieved with such kind of imagination. If you think about the word Sinha you we can see lot of people are trying to surprise others with their Force power everything. What what is the ultimate result and benefit of doing this we don't think about it. Ultimately one day we must die and when we will die what will happen with our soul that is really important to to us.


Most of the religious thought said if we do good then our end time and hereafter will be good so. But if we we possess some wrong ideologies and wrong deeds then we will have no way here after. So I think it is high time to study civil issues and several religious facts and concerned issues so that we can find the right path which will save us from the punishment in the next life that is hereafter. So I hope you have got the poet what I wanted to mention today it is we need to think about the the happening around us so that we can take the right decision and we can do some good work for the future after this life. Thanks all for stopping by.


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