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Gift rejoice us



Gift is very much desirable to us what about the price of the gift is. It is really nice to have some gift. Even $10 price gift can rejoice us very much. In different sports competitions and Cultural Event we would like to to get some gift. Winning a gift in a competition is a different kinds of feeling. in my student life I used to get some kind of prizes or gift in competitions like cricket. That was an wonderful experience for me

I always try to give some gift to my family members in the form of different gadget and devices which is necessary to them. Specially on several occasions like birthday marriage ceremony and the holy Eid festival I would like to send different gifts to my friends and relatives. Those who are not close to me I would like to send them some recharge on mobile phone. Recharge with data and talktime is one of the the most influential gift nowadays and it is very common. Many would like to get such kind of gift like my sisters and brothers. This is the best gift for the young generation nowadays here in Bangladesh. Young generation are very much addicted or attached to smartphone Technology.

The gift you can see isn't smart phone of Vivo A15. I have bought this mobile phone for my wife. She was talking to me about getting a mobile phone on the occasion of marriage ceremony. So I decided to surprise her with this wonderful gift which is very much needed by her. She was so happy with that and that is the moment of giving something as a gift. Many of the poet say that it is happy to donate give not to take or receive. So when we just give then with the happiness of the receiver we are getting happy what I have felt by providing that gift. I cannot Express how much happy she was with getting this gift.

So if we have some opportunity and some money at our hand we should try to give some gift to my our close friends relatives and family members within our budget so that we can make them happy. If we can do so even in a year that I think the collaboration and bonding Among Us will increase and we will be happy not single but all together. Thanks all for stopping by my post.


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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I like to share my opinion and ideas through blogging. I would like to share my learning so that anyone can be benefited from my effort. I blog on Textiles, Online Money Making, Agriculture, Technology and some Random topics. Capturing Nature and Playing Cricket is my hobby. I am always a learner and eager to learn from anyone.

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