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Experience of First day of corona vaccination



In my previous post I have explained that I have taken first dose of coronavirus vaccine. Before me some of my colleagues already took the vaccine. I have heard about their experience. My experience is almost similar and little bit different from them which I am going to share today so that those who will take vaccine can be prepared of that or have an idea about the process. On the same time this data of experience will be stored in this blockchain which will be helpful for the research to get the information.


After taking vaccine on my left arm it was little bit pain and ignorable. On the day I did all kinds of normal activities without any hamper. For example I want for walk out with my daughter and stayed there are about an hour. Another thing I want to mention that is the day was really very hard working day for me. After a long time I walked more than 2 hours at a stretch in the morning just before the vaccination. And that was the reason I was feeling pain on my legs which is surprising because I have taken vaccine on my my hand and feeling pain on legs. These two are not dependent.


The most severe situation I faced is tonight. Tonight I I had severe pain and fever with trimble. I couldn't sleep properly for this. And this is the problem. The experience of others around me was almost similar like that. Most of my colleagues say that they had such kind of severe fever just after the vaccination day. So so my family was anxious about my severe fever. But ultimately after couple of hours I become normal again and went for sleep. As little fever was still there I sleep for a long time till late of the morning which normally do not do.

And after that the second day is normal and as usual although there are some fever which is basically ignorable. I am not facing any kind of travel right now just a simple pain on the vaccination area I think the medicine is not spread it completely. Hopefully it will be clear by today. And that is my experience I have share today so that you can be benefited and have an idea about the whole things. And that's all for today. Hope you will have vaccination and hoping for the best of all of the world people so that we can get rid of this pandemic.


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