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Cricket || The love of village people



This is another busy and active day i have spend yesterday. Here you can see some photos of cricket match held among some of my village friends at yard. Its from past. I am sharing some photos of past memories. I have played cricket with some of my friends at our home yard for about more than 2 hours. In this current situation it's not permitted to go out of the home due to corona Pandemic. So played some cricket with them by maintaining social distance at yard home.

Holy month of Ramadan is just a month away from us. In the Ramadan Month we do fasting, so there will be no sports on day time. Just recalling the past. Very much cricket loving country I must say. here you will find a huge number of spectators of cricket and from early age to the old age people love to watch the cricket and they know the rules and regulations of cricket match very much. this subcontinent which is India Pakistan subcontinent is the best land of cricket it is said that because of four or five nations are playing Cricket in the world cricket. Bangladesh is one of the emerging team of the world cricket.

Cricket is very famous and popular game here and I would like to play some cricket with my friends college teachers and from a very early stages like from childhood. so whenever I have some vacation and opportunity to play I normally try to spend time with my friends by playing such kind of games like normally cricket but sometimes with football as well. it's really enjoyable and very good for the fitness level to play such kind of games with up family friends and village people at yard which is in family culture standard because here the social distance is being maintained and you don't need to get out of home like to the playground for playing such kind of sports in this pandemic situation. Hope you will be also active with several kinds of fitness and activity related.
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