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Agriculture and its need



The natural beauty of wonderful villages of Bangladesh cannot be described in a word. If I I go to any village area of Bangladesh I am being surprised with the activity and hardworking farming of the village people. They are basically main driver of the economy in terms of agriculture. Personally I have a belief that is if any Nation or country is is sufficient for are strong enough in agriculture they are very much solvent and I hope they will not need to to be scared with the word politics. Bangladesh is one of the agriculture based countries in the world. But for last couple of decades this trend has been shifted from agriculture to industry. Now we can see see the influence and participation of both industry and Agriculture throughout the country. That is obviously a very good sign but still we need to more focus on agriculture. Whenever I get opportunity I try to visit Agriculture Farm and try to motivate our people so that they can continue with the similar fashion or they can improve their agriculture farming with scientific method. That's really tremendous task by them and I really appreciate and love them. In the photographs of this post you can see some m beautiful flowers and vegetables which are basically cultivated in several areas around my village home.


As I have mentioned in my previous couple of blogs that winter is the best season to cultivate a variety of vegetables hair in Bangladesh. This is obviously a very good sign for us that we are getting such a wonderful vegetable at a reasonable price in this season. These vegetables are fulfilling our nutrients values and we are getting at cheap rate and on the other hand our farmers are getting some reward for their hard work that is very important for a nation. and the most wonderful things which I have try to mention here in today's post that is is it is really nice to see some vegetable farming area. How beautiful you are almighty creator are creating all those things and these are really nice and the beauty of nature. I love to capture the photographs of this beautiful nature like farming vegetables and like that rather capturing photographs of portrait for human being. I hope you have got my point that is we can have some natural beauty and vegetables which is very much suitable for our economy our health and our future sustainability. So in in at a glance word I want to say that agriculture should be our first priority for keeping our self feet because it is laborers and hardworking and with the same time we can be healthy with taking some fresh fruits and vegetables and our nation contribution and its sustainability is also depends on these agriculture farming. So I think there is no already it's of this agriculture farming and we need to more focus on it. A lot of contributions initiatives and subsidies are being provided to the farmers but that should be done more and more to make us leading in the future World. Thank you very much for stopping by



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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I like to share my opinion and ideas through blogging. I would like to share my learning so that anyone can be benefited from my effort. I blog on Textiles, Online Money Making, Agriculture, Technology and some Random topics. Capturing Nature and Playing Cricket is my hobby. I am always a learner and eager to learn from anyone.

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