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Again Bangladesh is under Lockdown



The overall situation of covid-19 is not good at all. You can see a lot of changes in the statistics. A number of people are being affected regularly which is a very hard number compared with the situation of last year. This is not good sign at all. More than 50 people die every day with covid-19. Under the circumstances government has decided to make the country under lockdown from day after tomorrow. The lockdown will stay for a week.

As only two days at hand people are moving here and there to shift a suitable place in this lockdown situation. The main reason is in next week they will not be able to move. The decision aap sunao is to stop ship train and air transports only. The bus is still open. People are really busy to settle down to a suitable place like someone trying to to shift to village.

Personally I had some work to complete and I am going to visit doctor with my daughter and family. It was urgent work because the lockdown it will not be possible for us to go over there for the treatment. In the photograph you can see the movement of US in the city area just near the doctors chamber. Personally I did some nursery shopping as well which are basically commodities. I had no plans to move out from home because the situation is going to be in severe condition as it expected by the experts. Finally we need to be careful more enough in this pandemic situation to avoid the contamination and get rid of the situation.

Some news also explaining that the world situation is not also good as we can see many countries are implementing lock down again. I don't know what will happen next but still trying to to maintain the guidance from the experts. Finally it's over time to offer prayer and hope for the better days. Thank you very much for stopping by.


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