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### There are several more issues that have been added to the environmental disaster. Filling of free water, illegal occupation of rivers and canals, destruction of trees, deforestation of forests, destruction of mountains, shrimp farming in crop fields, construction of multi-storied buildings, illegal slums, occupation of roads and footpaths, occupancy grounds etc. All this has happened due to the influx of the country's deadly population, lack of employment, migration from rural to urban to urban areas, rapid but unpredictable urbanization and industrialization and some political vulnerable people, due to muscular and moneylenders. ### If these important aspects of nature and environment are neglected, then sustainable development can be avoided. Rather, there can be a serious crisis in our existence, uncertainly. To control the situation, it is very important to realize the need for good governance in the context of the environment, to understand this issue is the introduction of the current article. 'Good governance' is a kind of integrated and accountable transparent administrative system through which the country's government plays an important role in protecting sustainable environment as well as in economic development. And in addition, in all the activities, the participation of local people including non-government organizations, civil society and community based organizations will also be ensured. Anyone questioning this discussion can ask that there is a lot of good governance in this country, why it is necessary to talk about good governance so much about the environment? In this case, we have been working to create awareness in many cases, trying to attract the attention of policy-makers to many things. As a result, it is often heard nowadays, there are some fundamental changes in state policy. Moreover, we all know that the relevance of this subject is easily realized from the very existence of human life which is largely dependent on the environment around him. There are many laws in this country, but their proper application is not seen in many cases. There are several laws in the country regarding the environment. But due to its proper application, these unexpected events happen. It is always happening in different areas of the country, the lack of environment is seen everywhere today. That's why we have today's small effort of environment and good governance. ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source](,+%E0%A6%A8%E0%A6%A6%E0%A7%80+%E0%A6%93+%E0%A6%96%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%B2%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B0+%E0%A6%85%E0%A6%AC%E0%A7%88%E0%A6%A7+%E0%A6%A6%E0%A6%96%E0%A6%B2,&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiHxYO5p_DgAhX96nMBHca9C00Q_AUIDygC&biw=1280&bih=913#imgdii=Rbr0722m5Wo4mM:&imgrc=V0Fto4d05jNapM:) ### Before going to the Environmental Law, let's look back a bit, what kind of measures did the victims take to overcome the environmental degradation or the loss of man-made environment? It is to be noted that, in most cases, the victims are the local people and poor people. To help these populations, a few small organizations have sporadically took some initiatives. But then there were many more sacrificed people who love to think about society and environment, want to work in the environment, some have fame as environmental experts. Together with all their efforts, many organizations were born in the name of 'Bangladesh Environment Movement' which is known as 'Bapa'. ### The Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA), which stands against the issue at first, is the Buriganga River. A few centuries ago, the Dhaka Metropolitan River was formed on the banks of river Buriganga, and many businessmen and businessmen managed to grab some of the vested interests by illegally grabbing shops, shops and factories. Due to the removal of various types of water in the water, river water is polluted as well, along with the navigability of the river has also decreased alarmingly. The government or the law enforcement agencies did not undertake any kind of initiative in the overall situation. Eventually the people of Bapar led the people to resist. " Media movement came forward in this movement. Later this movement was able to attract the attention of the government. This means some law enforcement agencies also come forward to cooperate. As a result of the movement, some of their structures were broken. And the court was sued against them. Bapa has also stirred many issues related to the environment and their movement has continued so far. Notable issues of their movement include water logging of Dhaka City, air pollution and pollution, polythene restriction etc. In addition to BAPA, many more organizations and prominent individuals are now continuing to protest about the deterioration of the environment. As the University of Dhaka Professor Sirajul Islam Chowdhury has played the role of creating movement and public opinion against the destruction of Osmani Udyan tree, it is undeniable. Serious complaints of environmental damage are often heard from other places of the country. About 25-30 thousand indigenous people live in the 67 tribal villages of Madhupur forest area of ​​Tangail district. Apart from environmental aspects, their livelihood is also largely dependent on this forest. For their use as a fuel, they are always in the forest to collect dried leaves and pulses of trees or to collect forests as food. But by the government patronization, it is illegal in many ways. ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source]( ### The idea of ​​indigenous people about echopark is that these governments are trying to do business by name in the name of protecting forests. There is also an attempt to eliminate the indigenous people. They got the above ideas from the activities of the echopark project that have already been completed. One of the main activities of the construction of the wall around the watch tower, the construction of two Watch Tower, Heringbah Road, Mankiri, three cottages, one pond and officials, and the Forest Forums, under Echopark. These activities are currently closed in the face of the movement. When this echopark was established they would have different difficulties. They will not be able to enter the forest, restrictions will be imposed on the road to their travels, there will be nothing to their individuality. ### On the basis of their hundred years of dependence on this forest, the indigenous people are afraid that their system of life and culture will be eradicated completely. Thirty-thirty years ago, none of these indigenous people run small businesses and rickshaws. Now they are forced to do these tasks. One of the main reasons for the indigenous forests is the emergence of the forest, the population is the main reason for growing. ### 9th Oran open union of Madhupur upazila ### 'O' and 'we'! ### Mr. Ajay Aay, Chairman of the Jayen Shah Adivasi Development Council of Madhupur. Mr, 'O' and 'we' said about the significance of 'they are' officers of the forest department, local influential and politicians and other government people, and 'we' are 25-30 thousand indigenous people in the locality. We are Garo, Coach etc. in the nation. You can say, 'we' today are unjustly persecuted regularly by their influential people. In the last fifty years, how much of the forest area has decreased in our region, that our dependence on the forest was 100 percent at one time, now it is almost zero. One of the indigenous villages Gaia This village is located very close to the reserve forest. The settlement of the village of Ecopark project (the whole construction work is not done) has been settled. There are no Bengali families living in this village. Everybody in the village belongs to Manodajati. Maternal-minded people are all very quiet nature. The total number of families in this village is 104. The condition of everyone is not the same. 60 percent of the total population of this village is marginal farmers, 20 percent middle class and 20 percent poor. Of these indigenous families, 80 percent of the families are dependent on agriculture. In the meantime, 7 percent of the family members work as laborers or day laborers. About 10 percent of the family members have different types of governmental jobs. About 2 percent of small businesses and about one-third of rickshaw / van run 98 percent of the village's Mandalajati now converted to Christianity. ### Fifty years ago, the volume of forest in Madhupur had to be shrunk today, its amount has reached just one-fourth. The forest which was their main resort of livelihood there today, they are living like a refugee. Even sometimes they are also considered to be thieves. Moreover, the government effort to create echopark suddenly and there is no more Madhupur jungle and jungle, the Madhupur Jungle is now a kalabana - said the twenty-three year old indigenous young Sanjay Kumbu Gong. According to his commentary, the condition of the Madhupur forest in Madhupur upazila of Mymensingh district is very sad, no more than the ancient Jupiter of Madhupur forest, there are no big trees. Forests such as forests have decreased day by day, similarly the trees of the forest have fallen, the trees are planted. Animals of the forest have also reduced the amount of animal life. Many plants and herbs and animals-animals have been permanently lost forever. ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source]( ### Other reasons why the forests are on their way to being lost today. Because of this, they protested against it and also got into the movement. Besides, some unscrupulous persons related to the political party have been making fake papers and cultivating bananas and pineapples by taking part of the reserved forest. The chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used in the fields. On the environment and biodiversity of which there is a great negative effect. The same accusations of rubber cultivation ### The description of how the indigenous dependence on the forest area and the forest is decreasing, the picture that he gave is roughly like this: ### The reason for the amount of time (acre) decreased ### About 1962, about 41 thousand people were living on the forest by indigenous people ### 2002 about 38 thousand plots and lots of trees sold ### * Occupying illegal land ### * At this time Bengalis entered the forest ### 2008 rubber garden of about 30 thousand retired armymen ### * Occupying illegal land ### 2012 about 21 thousand * social forestry ### * Forestry ### Just because the forest is planting the same type of national rubber plant, its biodiversity is damaged, just as forests are depleted and many creatures and plants are also lost for administrative weakness. Indigenous dependence on these forests is decreasing day by day. From Michael Naoker, a resident of Gaara village of Madhupur forest, it was discovered that about 100 percent of the indigenous population was dependent on this forest. They once used to cultivate zoom. They used to cultivate different varieties of rice. Among these paddy cultivation cultivators, Mimitim, Sarang, Nikku, Mirithi and Menti are the only lost names in the time of jewelery. Zum cultivation has been closed during the Pakistan period. Since then, the indigenous people used to depend on forest potatoes, herbaceous herbaceous plants. Not even now. According to Michael Nokrek, these are the result of the destruction of forests. The forest administration did not take any system. Those who are associated with the administration of the forest are not worried about whether they have biodiversity. ### Adivasis see the Madhupur forest as a mother. The forest is involved in their whole life system. The forest administration has not taken any views of the projects they have taken so far, in which Ecopark is one of them. The forest administration has completely excluded all these tribal Adivasinds from the decision making process completely. Different times were also abused on different occasions. ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source]( ### Madhupur forest is deeply involved with the life of indigenous people of Madhupur forest. They are living in this area for ages. Since ancient times, they cleaned the forest, they planted zoom there, collected fruits, leaves and potatoes in the forest, and they performed dinatipata. And their daily work to collect wood from the forest, ie dry stems, leaves and dead plants. And this work is done by indigenous women. Like the other day, 25-year-old Cecilia, along with some other indigenous women, went to the forest to do this work. In order to collect the timber of this day, Sarlati was shot in the basilica by the killer barnakshi. His body is still carrying signs of numerous guns. Those who have done this inhuman work, the guerrillas have identified the silly lumber collectors as wood thieves. The indigenous people who see this Madhupur forest as a mother have identified them as wood thieves. In a humorous way, the case was also re-named. These frenetic activities are often happening in front of the administration's eyes. Wildlife prisoners shot dead in forest areas. Again, there was a firing on Sicilia. Nobody knows if any of these incidents will be tried. Why does forest administration treat such kind of ruthless, cruelty on forests that depend on the forest for many indigenous people? Indigenous people do not know the answer to this question. ### Why this cruelty? ### Forty years old, and in Madhupur in Tangail. There are so many Garo indigenous people like him. His family with five children and wife. The soil that was born on the earth loves her breast. Not only the soil, but also the people of the soil they protect. Chalesh Resil is an independent and unimaginable passionate man. Therefore, the people around them thought that they came running to him before the danger. ### In 2003, the government planned to do an echopar in Madhupur. At that time, the forest department suspended the work of echoparks in protest of the strong opposition of local indigenous people under the leadership of Vanjh Resil. On January 11, 2007, the work of building echopark started again. Chalesh Resil came forward to lead the situation again. ### As a result of this protests, on March 18, 2007, on the way back from a marriage ceremony, the challhe resil was arrested. The police of six white garments arrange them before understanding anything. Then within a short time there 40 more armed men came and took Chalesh Resil and his three companions and took them to the camp. ### Then one of the people tied Chalesh Risil with the grill of the window, and after a couple of consecutive nine members jumped on him, with an inhuman cruelty. In this way, everybody would kill him and once he became vulnerable to vomiting blood. After the knowledge came back, they beat him again. This way there are numerous times going on. Then the half-dead man was tied from the window grill and reversed. Boats are poured into his name, nails are pulled apart, fingers are broken and nails are inserted in hands and feet. At one stage of extreme torture one finger was cut off. His eyes and body piercings were scattered. How can a person become such a person to torture another person? It's really incredible. ### In some areas of Panchagarh district, there are allegations of environmental degradation. Due to its geological diversity, the main natural resources are sand and stone. The pebble stone comes out from the soil of the river or paddy field. Drying is being made for the purpose of drilling the stone till it is harvested. Experts are also very worried about the terrible catastrophs that can occur during natural disasters such as earthquake. Movement is also organized locally in protest of this unwise aspect. The case has also been filed. But the local administration has not only taken any serious steps to resolve the crisis, but the responsibility of doing the work is going on. ### Patriot, not the crossfire! ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source]( ### Panchagarh district of Lilabhumi, natural beauty of Karatoya, Mahananda, Dahuk and Tangan rivers. In some areas of this district, the dredger drilling machine is being run on arable land. The stones are rising from the bottom of the ground. The building is built with a Palace, a bridge or a road. Some unscrupulous businessmen are being benefited But they do not know what is causing damage to the environment or the surface of their trade. Groundwater is wounded due to the formation of numerous earthquakes; Any kind of natural disaster can occur at any time in the arable land. But no action has been taken from the administration to obstruct these wrongdoing. ### There are at least two dozen villages in Sadar and Tentulia upazilas of the district. Without getting any administrative assistance to get rid of this situation, thousands of people in the villages formed a movement against it. The leader of the movement led the famous leader of the factory Motaharul Haque Muku. The success has come a little bit. Due to this, ditching the soil with dredger drilling machine has stopped temporarily. But in this case, the case has been filed in the court. The case is still going on. Local farmers have dreamed of reaping the crops again. They are, however, hopeful about this. ### But the stone-lifting merchants are continuing in the team to defeat this movement by any means. Fearing fears in the form of gestures is to take the case. Rumors are being heard, if the opportunity is available, the leader Muku will be killed in crossfire. ### Now the demands of the environment are included in the thinking and policy-making environment. For the last several years, government budget has been allocated in the environment related sectors. However, the amount of allocation is fluctuating every year. Although the poverty reduction strategy sheet has said that the direct expenditure of environmental protection should be increased. But the budget does not actually reflect its reflection. Many people do not think this is an environmentally friendly budget because of the allocation of the environment development sector in the proposed budget for the current fiscal year. Because the budget for the development of the budget and revenue allocation has been reduced to 242 crores, which is 175 crores more than the last fiscal year (2005-06) and less than 32 crores in the revised budget, which must definitely hinder the development of this sector. On the other hand, there are some positive aspects of the budget. For example, a separate allocated for the development of solar power has been made and mandatory to set up a treatment plant for industrial waste disposal. If these are properly followed then the environment will develop and it will be expected to play a somewhat positive role overall. Economists, however, think that it is not enough to increase the money, but should also consider reforming the budget or encouraging the budget. ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source]( ### Bangladesh Environmental Laws Association - 'Bella' is working on Environmental Law and Justice Department. Their movement and efforts have stopped the work of filling the water illegally. Fossil law is also the crop of that movement. But one thing is not to say that it is the first case related to environment in the country, too. In an effort to create a separate government, the government was forced to create a separate court in 2002 in the name of Environment Court. ### In the United Nations Conference held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the well-known "Rio Announcement" has given a memorable and important contribution in the efforts of the existing laws in LDCs with the laws that prevail in many countries of the developed world. As a signatory to the Rio announcement, the government of Bangladesh took the new environment 'National Environment Management Plan'. ### As a result, the project under the 'Sustainable Environment Management Project' or 'sympa' project was taken after the reform of some of the environmental laws and some new legislation. The feature of the project is to solve the environmental issues in the local people's involvement. With the patronage of Ministry of Environment and Forests of the UNDP and Bangladesh Government, this project has truly been able to have a positive impact on Bangladesh's environment and human life. People have been able to protect the environment today. People are much more aware and interested in protecting the environment today. It is now proven that there must be local people's involvement in sustainable environment management. ### Environmentalists, researchers and economists are often asked to answer questions about the role of environment directorate under the Environment and Forest Ministry. They believe that in order to establish good governance in the environment and to implement the environmental law in the country, keeping in mind the structural constraints of this department, its role and range will make him more powerful and modern. ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source]( ### In 1992, the National Environment Policy was adopted in Bangladesh. The objective of environmental policy is to ensure the sustainable, long-term and environmentally friendly use of all national resources and to identify and control all types of pollution and depreciatory activities. There are presently nearly two hundred laws existing in Bangladesh for preservation and development. These laws can be broadly divided into three classes; Environment and Health Protection Act, Environment Pollution Control Act and Natural and Cultural (Traditional) Property Protection Act. Among these, three laws which have made significant contribution to protecting the environment are: Bangladesh Environment Protection Act - 1995, Environment Protection Rules - 1997 and Environment Court Act - 2000 There is also a section of the Environment Pollution Control Act that if a criminal case is filed against the pollutant for protecting any citizen or organization of the country from environmental pollution, he may be punished. However, it is a matter of great regret that a 2004 statistics report showed that the Department of Environment has complained about nine hundred industrial factories due to environmental pollution, no case has been filed against anyone or there is no punishment. Overall, it is obvious that we have institutional weaknesses in the environment, and there is a lack of accurate and long-term policy. As well as there are technical difficulties of conventional law. There is also a considerable lack of new law related to the environment. ### It is to be noted that if the use of polythene bags is prohibited in the environment, the two-stroke motor vehicle may be prohibited and smoking in public places may be prohibited, but why are some other legal measures which can not be taken for the environment? If there is a 'There is no law, there is no apply', because such old words can be changed because otherwise, there will be no real development. Properly implement the law enforcement program successfully. We want the law to be properly implemented for a good environment. And if there is no law on any particular matter, we want to ensure the protection of the environment by making new laws with the help of public representatives and ensuring its proper implementation. ### The environment is part of life. If you do not tie one's daily life and environment, you will not be able to bring any kind of welfare, whether it is done or not. It is worth noting that future generations deprive prospects of prosperity, only to think of today's economic development. Therefore, environmental protection is the key to sustainable development which can be implemented through good governance. ### The main purpose of the government's poverty reduction strategy formulated by the government in light of the Millennium Development Goal is to "deal with poverty from different perspectives." MDG has also pledged to maintain environment and natural resources in a clear manner. Therefore, the combination of both of these environmental protection or environment law enforcement law is very important. In this case, there will be advancement with experts, civil society, various government and non-government organizations and especially the local government. To implement the 'prosperous Bangladesh', it is necessary to think about good governance in the context of the environment, there is no alternative to it from now on. ![maxresdefault.jpg]( [source](
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