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"...And His name shall be called 
Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6).


Christianity is the only religion in the world that preaches and practices real peace. This is because the Head and our Anchor is 'Peace Personified'. The Bible, in our key verse today, describes Him as the Prince of Peace. This simply means that without Him, there can never be any meaningful peace. It also means that no person or persons can have peace with 
himself/themselves, with others or even with God without Him. 

The peace can only be achieved by accepting Him as Lord and Personal Saviour and allowing Him total possession and control of one's life. This implies that one cannot do anything on one's accord, one must always consult Him. That someone has been a member 
of a Christian denomination from birth does not make one a child of God, there must be a conscious invitation of the Lord into one's life. As He comes in, peace untold comes in. Whatever degree of worry, fear or any life unrest, everything relaxes in His peace. This is also extended to the families. As members of families come to the saving knowledge of Christ, they begin to experience peace that had never existed within. The peace in many of such families will culminate to peace in the community at large. 
For many years now, Nigeria has experienced various crises, ranging from kidnapping in the East to terrorism in the North. But if the Lord Jesus will be 
allowed into individual lives, different families and communities at large, terrorism, kidnapping and other forms of vices and violence will disappear and peace will take over. Jesus Himself made this clear to His disciples in our text today. It is only in Him that our heart, our families and communities can stay untroubled. Let us, therefore, spread this message of peace to all and sundry that there may be peace in our nation and 
within the borders of our land.

His peace cannot be equated with that of any other.

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