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MY SUMMER TRIP, life in the RAW FOOD camp



Less than a week has passed since I returned from my journey, where I spent a month and a half. In Russia we have one wonderful place - Crimean Peninsula, it is located in the Northern part of the Black sea and it washed by two seas. This is a place with wonderful nature, an abundance of fresh fruits, old palaces and other attractions, which attracts tourists from all over the country every year. This year I visited Alushta, where I lived for a month and a half in a raw food camp. You know who are that people? ![xHmGpZdCNJY.jpg]( This is the culture of people who want to go completely to type of food like this: fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, dried fruits. Someone comes to clean the body for a month or more, and someone eating only raw food during the whole year and coming there to stay in a group of like-minded people. ![Lf3Z0vZjhTU.jpg]( The goals are different: to lose weight, to clean the body, to improve the perception, or even cure a serious illness (in the world there are many cases of cancer healing on a raw food diet). In Russia, a fairly large raw food community. ![AfzP8_qNymU.jpg]( Sunny people So the camp of raw foodists is not just a tent camp, it is technological and provides all conditions for life and work. The guys installed solar panels and a battery system, creating an independent infrastructure from the nearest settlements. ![sIebCsTeP9Y.jpg]( During the day, you can freely use the blenders, and in the evening in the camp there is lighting and you can connect the projector for lectures. There is also a Wi-Fi, which allows many people to work remotely and makes this zone a kind of co-working. Also inside the camp there is a mini-market where you can buy vegetables, fruits and nuts at good prices, it makes it possible not to go for them outside the camp. There is simply an abundance of all sorts of Goodies for the raw food eater. ![da2WZBdwedM.jpg]( ![7AojnNZKJ1s.jpg]( In the evenings, guys burn bonfires, play musical instruments, arrange a fire show and having fun until lights out at 10:30 PM. For those who want to earn money there is work in the vineyards near the camp. Many people like this kind of work more than work in big cities, offices, industry of service or entertainment. It is also a good opportunity for those who have run out of money during the summer travel. ![fuD3X3Ywllo.jpg]( Life in the camp is wonderful, a lot of interesting, kind, open people, clean sea and shower with icy mountain water. This is a space of magic, where your thoughts and desires instantly come true. Have you ever been to places where what you want is realized in a matter of hours? ![1dEUx2PTsVY.jpg]( ![lukBOSfmIwo.jpg]( All photos made by Gregory - "Raw food camp" co-founder And this is my one photo ![8E6477iAlt0.jpg]( me and the children in the camp So guys I wish you to travel, explore new places, discover unexplored corners of yourself and your country. I`ll be glad to subscribers and comments )
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