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Idongesit Udoh is my name, i'm hail from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. I'm an undergraduate Studying Computer Engineering in the University Of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria. ![JPEG_20181020_045610.jpg]( HOBBY I love Reading, thats my hobby. One thing i love reading about is New Update in The world's technology, it keeps me enlighten in my future career as An Engineer. ![images (1).jpeg]( HOW I NEW ABOUT SEREY Yeah i love Serey , i was introduced to it by my friend Oliverekefre, the community is nice than others, its easy to join etc. I will tender all my vigor to make serey a great community, however i solicit for support from all because a newbie here. STRUCTURE I'm 6 fit tall and a bit slim, with a chocolate skin,dark hair. SPORT I love soccer and Sprintz but sprint fir me beat because of my height. I have three medals in Sprint. MARITAL STATUS **🌹 SINGLE ** *Conclusion* I so much appreciate been a new member of serey community and i promise to work hard to makes it an outstanding community. *My Regards * THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG
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