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Grateful to my Father..


That person is my father Cecilio Muñoz, who God blessed me for being one of the earthly angels that God gives you to take care of, guide, advise, give you all his love and be always by your side.


 When you are children sometimes you do not understand many things that in those moments we see as unfair, such as calls for attention, scolding you come to think that you do it because they do not love you, when things are not like that, when you get to have children you You give an account of all those things that your parents did for you, also that love, those unfair scolding that you felt was to take care of you, it was because they loved you more than their life what they wanted was your well-being, that you were well, that nothing happened to you bad, that you did not go astray by being with people who were not suitable for you

All these things I understand now that I am a mother, that I have a two-year-old girl, that I am a mother and father for her, doing the double role in all things is a somewhat strong situation, but not impossible, God blessed me with my daughter I go ahead with her, I have lacked nothing. I know all the things that my father said or did to me was for well-being, there is no manual where you will find the best answer to be a good father, there is nothing perfect. Today I am a professional woman, a fighter, a worker that thanks to my mother and my father, because they were with me at all times.

Thank you for being in each goal fulfilled for me, I know that you were also your achievements, from the first degree I received, which was elementary school, to the last one I received as a magister, you were always by my side, with your look of proud to see that each one of my dreams came true and there was no obstacle that made me give them up, thank you PAPA for being with me in all those moments, for giving me your company, your affection, your love, your support.




 Thank you for each family trip that you gave us, that we shared as a family, in those trips to Tintoreros that were unforgettable to visit Grandmother Camila's house, where we found those affections of affection and love together with my Uncles and Grandmother Camila, from each some of the sunrises and sunsets that we observe in those hills that my brothers climb together

Thank you for every moment Dad that you gave my Mother, my brothers and me, for always being together with us, on a day like today that you left with God, we miss you Dad ...

I thank God for giving me a father like you. If I were to be born again, I would ask my God to be you once again by my side.



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