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Do not make these mistakes if you are going to invest


Sometimes it has not happened that we have had money, we want to do something with it before the great devaluation consumes it, many times we prefer to buy a material good, due to having ignorance in investments. But most of us are curious that we want to invest our money, but before doing so do not make these big mistakes.


You don't save enough

One of the great causes that we invest in a business, or stock market due to lack of money, is that most of our money goes to all expenses without leaving a small percentage for savings.

One of the solutions for this big problem:

  1. Pay yourself at least 10% of your income first, if you can increase this amount faster you will have good money to invest.

  2. Make a budget of your expenses follow it to the letter.

  3. Eliminate expenses that are not necessary, but those expenses that we think are small but after a while it becomes big.

Not knowing the investor's profile

This is information that we must know, this data guides the investor to make decisions, where the level of risks is located. By not keeping this in mind, this information may be entering the unknown and losing your savings or even a requested loan.

Not having an investment plan

Before investing, you must have a plan that tells us the steps we are going to take at all times, without having to reevaluate or decide each time, we cannot just invest the money then see what happens, for example in Cubdefi we have a plan when to harvest our CUB, or what way to choose to invest if in Den or on a farm, which is the one with the highest profit but if so much risk, or loss of money.


Make a plan, made up of some very important fucking at the time of making.

• What are the Objectives: This very fundamental element because he will tell you what you want to achieve with your invested money, the exact amount.

• The Risks that it may have: You always have to take into account what risks your money may have, what is the limit that it can bear losing

• Strategies: This will help you which decisions you will make at all times, not that you will go first.

Investigate which is the best investment

Not only should you guide yourself where you will put your money, you should not only let yourself be carried away by what you say the rest. You must educate yourself financially, what types of investment you should make if real estate or cryptocurrencies this will depend on which choice you decide, which one you feel safe.
you invest eagerly

Many people at the time of investing want to see their earnings quickly, sometimes when they do not have the money for the expected time what they do is withdraw their investment, even at the best time that a currency, or real estate is at its best. That is why at the time of investing you must be patient and cautious, so that your investments are achieved in a certain time, you must choose if your investments are short or long term, if you know that it is long term you will get your fruits a little later but better rewards.

You quit too soon

There are many people who are carried away by their emotions, withdraw their money earlier than expected, you cannot stop being carried away by your emotions when you see that an investment is going down and withdraw it, you must follow a plan of what would be your strategy to use if a security go down or go up, and stick to it. It happens in the minds of people who pass by that they must buy fast because it is going up, Po sell fast because it is going down, leading them to buy high and sell low.

What are your most common mistakes that have happened to you when investing?

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