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Natural landscape photography



# Hi friends serey ... !!! How are you tonight??? **I want to share some photos of the scenery in the forest that I photograph using my cellphone camera, and I hope friends like it, here are some photos that I have saved on my cellphone :** ![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMemq6gfSWmS1LVkCPA3p.jpeg](


![o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAN5Qo7MsvGJZzrrchYyxS.jpeg]( >.....This is a photo that I took in a forest above the top of a mountain in the area of ​​Geureudong-Pase, North Aceh, Indonesia ... !!!, hope you like it and keep supporting me by upvote, and follow me, look forward to my next post. ![profil-pics.jpg](

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= # Shot on oppo f5

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