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Motivation for women who are difficult to get a mate



**Hello guys ,see me again @calmsoul...!!! On this occasion I want to discuss a little about women who have difficulty getting a mate even though they are beautiful, and also well established, but why are you having trouble getting a mate ???? Look at the following review.** ![bb1de50c23a7c0e8deff231750564e2d.webp](

Although beautiful is not the main criterion for women to become partners. But inevitably, beauty makes many women easy to get their soul mate, Well for those of you who might be wondering, how come you don't come too, even though your face is beautiful. It could be for this reason.
**Too busy with careers** ![4b6f7a29ad5d56b72a95f405044b0edc.webp]( *Pursuing personal achievements in terms of careers is important. But don't ignore your love life. How is a guy not boring if at the time he approaches , you are busy with work. He will think, what do you do next when you settle down. Maybe he will often be ignored by you.* **You seem to really enjoy your single status or your solitude** ![8a7fc98b123db5a0e54a57bbcf177ea9.webp]( *It could be that you are currently single, not because there is no guy who glances at you. It's because you are so focused and enjoying your solitude. You feel free. Finally, you don't realize that there is a guy who has a crush on you. But because he saw you just he didn't respond, he didn't respond, finally he backed away.* **Closing yourself because you are still traumatized and afraid of being hurt** ![527c264a8a3b8b235c6be46c3d35bd8a.webp]( *Because trauma is still hurt, you close yourself and your heart from another guy. How do guys want to get close, if you don't give yourself a chance to open up. Not all guys are the same. Outside there are still many good guys who might be prepared for you.* **Too perfectionist** ![8166bb109f7e84fe3985a7be6791e0a0.webp]( *It is very natural that you want to get the ideal partner in your eyes. But you also have to accept the reality that in this world nothing is perfect. Including yourself, there must be flaws here and there. So don't expect your partner to be perfect too. Expect too high, finally you will always find weakness in every guy. The guy who has a crush on you finally becomes insecure because he feels that he isn't worthy of you. Hopefully this can help for those who are still waiting for their soul mate.* ![profil-pics.jpg](

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