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Children of Istanbul, forcing the gulls to eat;)


All good! Yesterday, walking in the Fatih district. On the square next to the Blue mosque there is a Park with a small waterfall. ![]( The girls took a bag of bread and fed the arrogant Istanbul gulls. ![]( Gulls are so fattened that they need to be forced to eat another piece of bread. ![]( Children stood and sincerely asked birds that they ate their bread. ![]( When the Seagull still took a piece of their bread, the children jumped for joy! ![]( It's good that there are many small fountains in Istanbul. Seagulls forget that there is a sea and a Bosphorus. Well, they know the hot spots where they can always feed:) ![]( ![]( The Seagull-feeding show filmed a lot of people passing by. ![]( That showed you a small part of the contrast of Istanbul! All the warmth in the shower! Thank you for your attention!
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