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Business krasivejshaya or meeting with a magical master


Today we will go to the wonderful world of beauty and self-expression of calligraphers. I remember how beautiful my dad's handwriting is. Once in Russia calligraphy was taught at school. It would be great if you continued such a beautiful and useful topic. The art of calligraphy plays a special role in Turkish culture. The school does not teach this, but there are many masters and schools where you can get such a wonderful profession. ![]( I always liked the direction of calligraphy, but you need to have the ability to draw. This nature deprived me. Dad always drew pictures for me. My art in drawing is rather frightening. Therefore, I play the role of contemplation of beauty, which is also good. ![]( For a week I had an obsessive week to go to the Museum of calligraphy in Istanbul. But alas, the Museum was closed for reconstruction. We recently walked around Istanbul and went to the city hall. It is a neighbourhood of Fatih district. There are guys with these machines are that it was terrible to photograph. Below will explain why. At first I photographed from the bushes, but I sort of plucked up the courage and quickly took a picture of the main administrative building of the Istanbul. ![]( The fact is that recently in Kadikoy got into an interesting situation. I saw a beautiful old house with lanterns and started taking pictures. Someone started to shout in Russian. Turns out it was a COP who came to me. I almost got busted. In Turkey, this is done quickly. My husband beat me off from the police and explained that we accidentally. All photos forced to remove. In an old beautiful house is a police station. But I could not even think that in such a beautiful house can be the police. ![]( After the bushes I had a chance at happiness! I saw a workshop where a man was drawing something. It turned out that this is the famous Turkish master of calligraphy Khattat Kamil Nazik. My happiness knew no bounds! ![]( What an agreeable man he is before our eyes. Look like on sage, and eyes Shine with happiness. More such people in Turkey! Workshop is so cozy that no one wanted to leave. And so many interesting books and pictures. But to distract the master from the work is also not very decent. You can read the history of the master on his website. ![]( To visit the workshop of the world-famous calligrapher is like touching something magical. So many attributes and works of art that my heart was torn with pleasure! I know little in this direction, but the pictures I have cause unforgettable emotions. ![]( Look at the work of the master and learn a lot of new things that could be better! I looked at everything with great curiosity, how many rulers, brushes, paints, books and what is unknown as is called. ![]( But I was in for another surprise! We asked about the possibility of training the master. And then he showed us how many students he has. We were shocked! Huge magazine with brief information about students who graduated from Gattaca training. ![]( It turned out that Khattat Kamil teaches everyone for free! Who needs interestingly, welcome to the era! The site has all the information and contacts. ![]( Calligraphy is a business in Turkey. Galleries, shops and just shops a huge number. There's a private Museum of calligraphy in Cariere. More about this direction will tell in another article. ![]( This picture in one of the shops made me laugh a lot. Turkish artist gathered on the canvas a lot of famous personalities from different countries and different historical times. ![]( Look at the unique Einstein in interesting shoes, Putin in a free pose, Tolstoy plays the accordion. Idyll! ![]( Led by Lenin look how many different characters! ![]( How do you like the flower garden of the men Marilyn Monroe was put in? In the background, Stonehenge and the pyramids. ![]( Sir Charles Chaplin found his place in the corner. Beethoven plays, Mike Tyson knocks out. ![]( Look at Stalin with a thoughtful look and his famous surroundings. It is a pity that the photos were not very high quality. I hope you enjoyed the painting. Turks are able to surprise. Thank you for your attention!
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