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Today, dear readers, I will tell you about how the Fundition project works, and also for the first time I will bring to your attention a new idea. I'll start with the Fundition. At the moment - this is one of the application Steemit, which can also be considered an independent crypto social network. That is the reason for Fundition to be present in the main list of crypto social networks - TOP100 on In short, this is a service like the KickStarter project, but it is built on the blockchain platform. The advantage of Fundition is that here you can simply describe all your ideas and... get cryptocurrency for it. And with good luck, you can get funding for your future projects. That is what I am going to do with the help of Fundition. During my participation in networking, that is, from 2003 to the present day, I have accumulated just a huge number of different ideas and soon I will describe all of them, and some of them may even try to implement. One of these ideas is the school of crypto blogging. Online Copywriting School was already in my possession and it worked very successfully. My partner and I had about 150 websites, in which more than 100 copywriters and graduates of this school took part. Today is the high time to switch to the creation of a school of crypto blogging. The team for this project is gradually being formed, first of all, the authors of the website and several more experienced crypto writers will enter it. The project will work in all languages ​​presented on the Internet, but you can read about the progress of its promotion in English and Russian on the websites of Fundition (Steemit) and Levelnaut. I am sure that thanks to this project there will be more supporters of cryptocurrency in the world and everyone who works with it and promote it will benefit from this idea. Boris Siomin,
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