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Want Your Imagination To Move Forward But Don't Let Your Nature Move Backward And Don't Give Up


Hello everyone, friends of steemians, wherever you are, have a nice day and stay healthy.

This time I want to solve a problem that my friend has experienced and I try to share motivation with my friend with an inspiring story that has been experienced by a very famous figure around the world.

He wanted to give up in order to achieve the goals he wanted to achieve. He wants his business to go forward, in a pow steamer cake maker.

Here is the proof of the cake image:

Initially the cake was very advanced and there were many orders in 2020. The time has come in 2021 now. His cakes did not sell in the market, many cakes did not sell or were left behind, making him a big loss this year. He became afraid and frustrated at this incident. My friend intends to step down and doesn't want to bake any more. Then I told him not to give up in the middle of the road to continue the business, find the location of the order somewhere else the world is wide. Your efforts will go forward again, I said.


Honesty will always be there, what makes life more meaningful is the journey of life itself, not what you have obtained or when you arrive at your destination, just face it today with enthusiasm and gratitude to Him, one or two problems that occur, that is "feeling. "which makes us" feel "the joy of life.

Do you know? The biggest weakness of man is when he wants to give up losing in his life, while his greatest strength is when he wants to try one more time, if you don't change into a new and stronger self, the world will feel more and more difficult, face your day with gratitude, sure. and a spirit of struggle for harmony for your own life.

Going back to what I said above. Then I try to tell my friend about the experience of the founder of KFC, the point is to burn his enthusiasm in running the business he is experiencing, because nothing is impossible and whoever never gives up.

So who is he the founder of KFC?

He is Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC who was successful in his old age. Who doesn't know Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC? KFC fried chicken is well known by many people in the world. KFC is also one of the famous fast food franchises from the United States. The enjoyment of fried chicken makes many people always fill KFC outlets every day.

I quote the story from Colonel Sanders' Biography. Behind the success of KFC, there is an inspiring story of its founder, Colonel Sanders who was born in Henryville, Indiana, September 9, 1890. He has the real name Harland David Sanders.

For Success Sanders did not just come when he was young. At the age of six, his father passed away. Because the mother worked, Sanders was the one who took care of the siblings. When he was 16 years old, Sanders enlisted in the army. A year later, he worked at the station as a laborer. Due to a fight, Sanders was later fired.

Sanders has experienced several failures while working. Sourced from Medium, Colonel Sanders tried many jobs throughout his life. Sanders has been an insurance agent to sell tires. Despite the failures, Colonel Sanders never gave up. In 1930, he started working at a gas station in Kentucky. Sanders also started serving various snacks to the visitors. His ability to cook was there when Sanders was little.

In 1939, Colonel Sanders invented a delicious fried chicken recipe. Chicken can be delicious using the "11 secret spices" and frying it in a pressure cooker. Sanders' delicacy earned the then governor of Kentucky the title Colonel. This title is the highest degree given by the government.

According to Medium, in 1952, Colonel Sanders made a deal with Pete Harman. He sold his chicken recipe with a royalty agreement. Colonel Sanders received a royalty of 4 cents for every chicken sold. He also made similar deals with several local restaurants.

In 1955, Colonel Sanders and his wife began touring around offering partnerships with various restaurants. And in 1964, Sanders had more than 600 franchise branches in various regions.

KFC was then introduced to the public in 1966. Three years later, KFC entered the New York stock exchange. In 1971, Heublein Inc. acquired KFC Corporation for US $ 285 million. Under Heublein, KFC has more than 3,500 outlets worldwide.

Even so, Colonel Sanders is still actively visiting several KFC restaurants in the world. He visited as a KFC ambassador. The KFC founder died at the age of 90 on December 16, 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky.

That's the story of David Sanders, which I told my friend. Hopefully it will be useful for all of us to never give up. Hopefully today is better than yesterday.

That's all from me, Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is wealth.

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