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Reprogramming Thoughts By Writing


I read in one of his books, Joe Vitale said that the fastest step to wealth is "be happy now!"

It is also conveyed by The Secret film that happiness is an energy of abundance. Happy attracts the things that make us happy.

Even when I read the Qur'an, there are many verses that encourage me to always be happy, enthusiastic and optimistic.

Call it the letter Al-Insyirah verses 5-6 which means ; So in fact with difficulty there is convenience.

An affirmation or even a promise that there is nothing to worry about, because there is always a solution, there is always convenience.

The question is why are we caught up in anxiety?

Why do we get caught up in worry?

Why do we get caught up in anxiety?

I do not want to teach you, but a little reminder, often the biggest problem is THOUGHT itself. In other words, the difficulties we experience are solely due to the creation of the mind.

The next question, how to get out of trouble and experience happiness and abundance?

This is what I want to discuss. Among the many ways, I do it by focusing my mind on fun things. The trick is to write.

Writing positive things allows us to "force" negative thoughts to immediately focus on positive things.

Like the following writing.

"I decided to leave my business to Allah, accept His miracle, and give thanks for the solution that came from Him."

This article was written by a person who was in panic because someone was billed when there was no money to pay for it. Writing allows him to change his feelings, from panic and anxiety, to calm, resignation, and to be happy full of gratitude according to what he wrote.

The effect was that there was a productive idea and he immediately worked on it with enthusiasm. Soon he received many transfers, even from people who claimed to pay debts.

Writing has turned a negative mood into a positive one, which in turn allows the mind to access productive and abundant things. However, the practice is not as easy and fast as turning the palm of the hand. Still need practice and habituation so that the mind can be invited to "compromise". Like taming a wild horse, it takes time and patience.

Likewise the mind which usually accepts "wild" suggestions such as through spectacle, we need time to clean and train it to be productive as we want. Again, it will take time. However, if we do not have the attention to "train" the mind, and even tend to "absorb surrender" with all the suggestions received, it is impossible for our life to change well.

Hope it is useful.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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