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Money VS Free Time



If you had to choose, what would your choice be, money or free time? Don't answer right away, think about it first.

Now, what is your answer?

According to research in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science,having free time will increase your happiness than having money. Is it true? Yes, right. No kidding, this conclusion was generated based on a survey of 4,600 respondents.

It is proven that some people are willing to sacrifice money for vacation, pay tolls to save time, refuse overtime to hang out with their families, choose aircraft that are more expensive than trains, and so on. Is that true?

Time and money, of course, both of which we need. This can't be denied. And the imbalance between the two will cause chaos in our lives.

1. Can you imagine, you have free time but no money at all ?

2. Can you imagine if on the other hand, you have money but you don't have time to spare?

Can you image?

Interestingly, the older a person is, the greater his priority is on leisure time. And the more established a person is, the greater his priority is on leisure. Usually we are like that, although this doesn't apply to everyone. Everywhere, exceptions are always there.

One point that needs to be emphasized repeatedly here is that our busy earning money often neglects 'quality time' for family and worship. Well, if that happens, well this is unfortunate.

Family and worship should be central to our lives, no matter how busy we are. Ideally, in terms of time for family and worship, we are able to provide 'quantity' and 'quality'. Even if you are forced to sacrifice one of them, you should never ignore 'quality'. Yup, prioritize 'quality'.

This is also what Richard Branson (Virgin Group) ordered some time ago, when he asked him about the relationship between family and business.

Indeed he is not a perfect figure. But there are many things we can learn from him, especially the relationship between family and business.

That's all the inspiration for today, Greetings from my abundance, aronexxon!

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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