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Hi serey friends !!!

This time I will share a unique mushroom that I have ever found, this mushroom makes me confused about having to think long because it looks like meat. Then I gave the name of this mushroom emm meat mushroom.


I found this mushroom in the back of my mother's house. At that time I was cleaning or cleaning the back of my mother's house, and found this unique fungus. This is the first time I have found an organism that appears in front of a very unique face like this mushroom.

Yes! This fungus is very unique if we look from the edge and above, it is very unique, this fungus grows on the remains of a papaya tree that is already worn out. If we touch the shape is very soft like meat, very soft like meat.

So that you are not curious about what kind of unique mushrooms I share today, let's see the image below:

Because I don't know what the inside is like and I try to split this unique mushroom. Without my thinking, the inside turned out to be water, the inside was like mucus water and it was sticky.

See the image below ;

I don't know for sure the name of this species of fungus because this is the first time I have discovered it. Perhaps mycologists or mushroom experts around the world can identify or give a name this kind of mushroom.

That is what I can share about this unique mushroom, I hope you are happy to see it even though I don't know the exact name of this type of mushroom.

Thank you for stopping by on my post and see you later for my next photography post.

Stay safe and Stay Healthy.



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