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You can judge that to this day, many people are hampered by their freedom of movement, economy and finances because of mental blocks instilled by other people. Most of those who planted the mental block were not qualified people because they might just say what they said. I have discussed mental blocks about money and wealth in the e book "Using SEFT to Get Rid of Mental Blocks". In addition, there are mental blocks that we get when we are adults. This is actually easier to get rid of, as long as you want to be selfish. We humans have the power of reason, why lose to mental blocks like the apes below?

The Story of the Four Tailed Monkeys: At a well-known university in America, research on monkeys has been carried out. In a large cage, 4 monkeys are placed. Call it monkey A, monkey B, monkey C and monkey D. In the middle of the cage there is a wooden pole on which is a bunch of ripe bananas. Seeing the banana, the four of them scrambled to climb the pole to reach the banana. Before reaching the banana, a research staff sprayed cold water on the monkey's body. They jump down because they don't like water. Moreover, the water is that cold. Thus, every time a monkey rises, it will take a banana, sprayed from above. In the end, they no longer dare to go up and get bananas even though they are hungry.

After waiting for a while, no one dared to go up, the researcher took out monkey A and put monkey E from the same herd. Seeing the banana, E immediately tried to climb the pole. Surprisingly, monkeys B, C and D pulled E's leg and forbade him to ride. Every time the E monkey wanted to climb, he was forbidden by the three monkeys. Finally monkey E did not dare to climb the pole and gathered with the other 3 monkeys. Then monkey B was taken and replaced by monkey F, which was still in the same group so that they knew each other. The same thing happened, F tried to take a banana but was pulled by 3 other monkeys, including E. Until finally F did not dare to go up.

And so on, one by one the old monkeys were taken and replaced by new monkeys. Even when the 8th monkey H entered and tried to ascend, the E, F and G monkeys forbade him to go up. Even though the three monkeys never experienced cold water spraying when they took bananas.

That's what most of us experience. We, who don't know anything about a business, don't dare or want to do business because we get stories from other people. It turns out that the person who told me earlier was also only told by other people. Coupled with the imagination finally got more exciting.

So, if at any time you feel afraid, hate or disgusted about running a certain business. Remember that your fear and dislike of something may be due to misinformation from other people who have never practiced it but only hear from others who have never done it and have listened to other people.

This is akin to the mistaken belief that money causes quarrels, just because we as children saw our parents arguing and mentioned the word money. Parents who quarrel because of lack of money, we consider it to be quarreling because of money.

That's what causes us to subconsciously hate money even though we consciously want it. As a result, every time you get money, you always have creative ideas that you can't help but spend money onthat. Starting from the floor that suddenly looks dull, the bedrooms are suddenly lacking, feeling the need for a second vehicle, sick children and so on. Anyway, money has to run out because we are actually afraid of money. Because deep in our subconscious, we feel money is a threat to our lives. Starting from being considered the cause of quarrels, the source of all evil, causing us to be imprisoned longer, making it difficult for us to enter heaven, and so on.

Look for your fear of something and clean it up and leave it all to Him. Then He will find the most appropriate path for you, not have to do what you were afraid of earlier. The important thing is to remove the barrier first so that you don't become one of the E, F, G, H monkeys earlier heheee.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

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