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DEMON GRASSHOPPER (Aularches Miliaris)


Hi serey friends how are you all? Hope you are doing well wherever you are.

Today I will share some grasshoppers, these grasshoppers, if we look at them, are really very beautiful. But this grasshopper is dangerous for us, we can't touch it because this grasshopper has poisonous substances on its body.

I found this grasshopper in the plantation my friend who is near the mountains in Aceh. At first I didn't know that this grasshopper was very dangerous. So my friend who told me about this grasshopper, at that time I wanted to hold this grasshopper to see its beauty more closely. Luckily my friend told me immediately about this grasshopper.

Grasshoppers are known as poisonous grasshoppers because they can release poisonous venom to defend themselves, Dozens of demonic grasshoppers eat the leaves of the farmers' plants, from corn, coconut, to banana trees. This brightly colored grasshopper continues to increase in number. Moreover, the farmers were afraid to catch them because the grasshoppers were poisonous.

This grasshopper is characterized by yellow spotted wings and a red body. Grasshoppers are known as one of the pests that can damage crops owned by farmers. This devil grasshopper pest eats some of the farmers' plant leaves which can result in the death of a number of plants.

This is an image I can shoot.

That's what I can share today, hope you like it, and I hope you are careful if you find this type of grasshopper, and don't even try to touch it.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and Stay Healthy. Health is Wealth.

Regards! 🙂


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