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Peace lily plant purifies our air.


I know less about the Peace Lily plant. This house is a good plant. It is found in everyone's home. But you do not have a plant in your house. Then you can buy it. It is a simple plant. This plant can be easily planted. It carries contaminated air into your home. Purifies the air that goes out. This air makes your life better. This plant is very beautiful. It is not a very big plant. But its benefits are many. I planted this plant at home a few days ago. That is why I have studied about the plant.


This plant is most known. But it has many species. It is also found in our country. This plant is also found in other countries. This plant can be planted in all seasons. But in the summer season one has to pay little attention. Shanti Lily attracts plants. Everyone likes this plant. But its leaves are green in color. Flowers come in white color. It can be placed at any place. It gives its pure air all around. This plant dries up after a few years. It lives for about 5 years.


How to plant these plants, first of all you need fresh soil. Then you need a small pot. You can also mix cow dung in the soil. Take care while planting the plant. That you have put soil in it well. Then you have to give plenty of water to it. So that the plant does not dry up. You have to get cow dung in 30 days. Due to this, this plant remains everywhere. And develops quickly. Your plant is growing very big. So the pot of the plant should be changed. Because it does not bloom well. Keep watering in the plant at the right time. And your plants will start blooming every day


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