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Meditation makes us strong in mind.


You cannot control your mind. Pain or feeling comes. Missing something again and again. Emotion you inside. It is said in clear words. That you are stressed. To get rid of this stress, you are asked to take medicines throughout the day. But still your stress is not reduced. The body becomes useless over time. He works all day. But still emotion arises.

There is an easy way. With which you can be free from stress and pain. It is a scan meditation, it reduces your body pain, stress. Constant practice frees you from Diseases. It calms your feeling and mind. This gradually eliminates the troubles in your body. And come up with a new idea. They are better than before.

You too can try it out. Do not follow my words. First of all, you have to relax. You can do it by lying down or sitting. In which you feel comfortable. Stretch your limbs. Close your eyes. Look at your breath. How you are breathing. Then you have to focus on yourself. Because meditation is most important. For some reason you are not paying attention. So there is nothing to fear There is no success in the first day's practice. Then you should think about your organ to pay attention. Can start with hands or feet.

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