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Chili also helps in preventing diseases


All chillies are used, but I am not fond of chillies, but chillies should be eaten because it contains protein, it acts as a protein, prevents body diseases, you can use it in food. It strengthens the digestive system of your body, you can also grow it at home.

Some things should be kept in mind before planting the plant, the sowing of green chillies should be correct or you can also plant it at your home. Green chilli cultivation is very good, in this you need to spread about 2 inches down when the plant starts growing. If done, you can plant it in a pot, but where you have sown it, then it is most important to distance those plants.

The irrigation of chilli should be done on time. If you are growing mitch at your home, do not forget to water the plant and do not over water your plant, it can damage the plant.

The chili plant needs sunlight. At home the pot should keep the plant in the sun or your plant needs sunlight.


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