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Brinjal plant can be grown on farm and at home.


We have planted some vegetable plants. In which we had planted saplings at home earlier. But this time I have planted a plant in the farm. I had just sowed the seeds near the wall. Because we have installed water tube here. We have about 15 to 20 plants the wall. In which some plants have dried up. But vegetable has started coming on some plants. I planted the plants about 2 months ago. But now the vegetable has started coming in well. Brinjal first started coming. So white colored brinjal was coming. Then I thought the brinjals were coming white. But after a few days it has turned yellow. But guessing is useless. Because brinjal can come in any color. I haven't broken any brinjals yet. Therefore, I am giving time now. Because it can take time to get ready now.




Brinjal vegetable makes very tasty. But Bharta is also made. But first you must know how to grow brinjal. The brinjal can be sown in any season. But except January and December, brinjal vegetable is good in the summer season. I sowed it in the middle of March. It has been almost two months. Brinjal are very colorful. But the black brinjal tastes very good. There are some things to pay attention to before growing brinjal seeds. First of all, you should have good soil. Which should contain 30 percent cow dung with 70 percent soil. In this, you do not need fertilizer in between. A small brinjal always comes in the pot, but you plant in the ground. So there is a big brinjal. But nowadays some people sprinkle medicine. But instead of spraying medicine,



I do not have such a big brinjal crop. But I only grow bags for my house. The weather is getting very hot at the moment. The growth of the brinjal is less known this season. The brinjal requires a temperature of 24 degrees. But we have a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. Therefore, eggplant is getting very small. I kept a distance of 30 cm while planting the brinjal, but it is growing very nearby. I would give them water after 5 days. Which can contain brinjals well. This time the insect looks very rare. This may make my brinjals good.

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