Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

Both coins are growing rapidly


Hello friends, nowadays you can see that the value of the steem has started to increase. You can also invest. The scheme is based on a blockchain, it is a token in which you and we can buy and sell and also you have a Steem platform. It is getting in which you can see your currency and you can add others in it, both the profit and the loss of the coming currency can be seen, but most of the profit is received, the better your article is, the more you get the reward. Depends on our good article, nowadays the price has been shown to be increasing. It is about $ 0.41. In the coming days, it can increase by up to $ 8. 



There is another coin hive which has seen an increasing order. I have been working for a few days now but I hope that the coin can give a very good profit, you can buy and sell it anywhere and write articles on its platform. It is also you get good article benefits, you can not convert the steem to hive. It is both different platforms in which it encourages you separately. Both of them are very good for me. The price of 20 May 2020 was 0.8, few days. After the price was reduced, but again the price has started increasing. The price of now is about 0.29 dollars. It is also increasing rapidly. 



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