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🌷The ZINNIA Flowers To Cure Diseases🌷


![]( Zinnia flowers are one of the exotic plants, the beauty of colorful flowers brings a special attraction for those who see them. Zinnia is one type of plant that is easy to maintain, easily grown from seeds, but susceptible to several diseases and pests. Zinnia grows and blooms in full sun conditions (but should not be exposed to direct sunlight) and can grow in many types of soil as long as its water needs are met. The petals and texture are similar to paper, so it's no wonder people call zinnia with the name of paper flowers. Paper flowers (ZINNIA) are native to Mexico, and can be found up to an altitude of 1,400 m above sea level. These plants like open places exposed to sunlight, usually planted in groups in parks or in the yard as ornamental plants or flowers used as cut flowers. ![]( The chronic terna that grows upright and has rough hair is about 30-50 cm high, the leaves are green, face to face. The leaf strands are elongated in shape, pointed end, base embraces the stem, flat edges, curved leaf bones. The shape of the flower is like an Daisies flower, with a variety of colors such as deep red, pink, yellow or purplish blue coming out from the end of the stem. Propagation by seeds. **Local Name:** *Kembang Kertas, Kembang ratna; Bai fi ju (China)*. ![]( **Treable Diseases:** 1.Dysentery. 2.gonorrhea. 3.boils.(furunculosis) 4.nipple pain. (papilla mammae) **USAGE**: **To drink: 10-30 grams, boiled. External Use: A sufficient amount of finely ground is added to the affected part.** *Thank you for visiting to my blog, hopefully happiness & useful*.
**The photo's taken by me @abiyamuda** . **Regards ;** ***@abiyamuda*** **28 Jan 2019 , Aceh - Indonesia.**
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