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China Assigned 3 Warships at Once to the South China Sea


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BEIJING - The Chinese Navy assigned three warships to the South China Sea at the same time. Beijing media on Sunday reported the three warships assigned to them included a large amphibious assault ship.

China Central Television (CCTV), state-run media, reported that the commissioning ceremony was held at the Sanya Naval port on the southern island of Hainan on Friday (23/4/2021), in the presence of President Xi Jinping. Xi reportedly gave the captain a military flag and boarded the ship.

Military observers quoted by NHK World said the ships may also be deployed on missions around Taiwan, but are likely to raise particular concern among countries with disputed maritime claims with China because of Beijing's military offensive capabilities.

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 Apart from China, the South China Sea area is also claimed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Taiwan. The Global Times newspaper, which is affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, reported that the three warships assigned were the Type 075 amphibious assault ship, a large destroyer and a nuclear-powered strategic ballistic missile submarine.

Analysts say the deployment of the three ships represents the rapid development of China's naval capabilities, as well as Beijing's readiness to expand its activities in the South China Sea and around Taiwan.

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