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October 10 starts the Photo Contest "Beauty!" season 2023. Contest rules


Hello, dear friends, colleagues! And again with you @anri

I am pleased to inform you about the launch of an annual photo competition within the Serey platform.

It’s called “Beauty!” This is a new season of the competition; last year the participants and readers of Serey really liked it.

In the lens - everything that takes your breath away: the splendor of nature, the silhouettes of the city, the colors of the sky, an exquisite bouquet, the smile of a child, a worn key, threads of rain, night streets or a random abstraction.

You have the opportunity to share your vision of beauty, what touches you to the core and fascinates you. What can you say with complete confidence: “Beauty!”

Our competition will also have a nomination for poets who love to capture beautiful moments with their gadgets - “Photo Poetry”. It involves a complete work of a photograph and a poem, which complement each other. In this nomination, original poems and original photographs are accepted for the competition. Go for it, friends. A wonderful opportunity to share your creativity, poetry and photography.
There will be wonderful nominations for participants in the Beauty Photo Contest. Prize for the most original photo frame. Prize of sympathy of the panel of judges. Audience Award. Prize from the competition organizer


New season launches October 10, 2023.

In order to participate in this event, you do not have to be a professional photographer or have special equipment. You can take pictures using smartphones, tablets, etc.

The main thing is that your photographs are aesthetic and reflect the beauty of the world.

We invite you to take part in the new season of our Photo Contest and share the Beauty!



October 10 to October 20, 2023.
Summing up - October 21.


Awards for winners

The selection of the best works is provided to the competition jury.

First prize – 5000 SRY
Second prize – 3000 SRY
Third prize – 2000 SRY

Prize for the nomination Photo Poetry - 1000 SRY
Prize for the most original photo frame - 1000 SRY
Prize of sympathy of the panel of judges - 1000 SRY
Audience Award - 1000 SRY
Prize from the competition organizer 1000 SRY

Contents of the post

Themes and genres of photographic work are practically unlimited: landscape, macro, architecture, portrait, underwater photography, animals and plants, aerial photography, abstraction…

Not accepted for the competition: posts with religious (photos of religious buildings) and political themes, nudes and erotic photos. We do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and create grounds for discord.

The works should not contain any insults, violence or vulgarity.


Registration of works

  1. IMPORTANT! Only original photographs are accepted for the competition; you can use your personal archive, but new original photographs are more welcome. They must be accompanied by large or small text describing what touched you.

  2. You can post one or two photos in one post if it’s difficult for you to decide which photo is better.

  3. Maximum of two posts from one participant.

  4. Write in the title: Photo competition “Beauty!”

  5. IMPORTANT! Publish your competition entries in the Global community in the Competition section

  6. Send a link to your post as a comment on this starter post.


The competition organizer reserves the right not to accept entries without explanation.


Contest curators: @r2cornell, @nikalaich, @dexterous, @elenka, and @anri
Competition jury: @elenka and @anri


We look forward to your photos and photo poems!

Long live Beauty!

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