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Photo competition “Beauty!”


The sky-lamp shines in the darkness,
Flash of light, tip of fire.
In the late evening, the forest is covered with snow;
jhum jhum jhum jhum jhum jhum jhum jhum in the forest;
The sky-lamp is burning, the sky is yellow.

The bell rings, the conch rings.
Aarti lamp is lit by a flock of jonakis;
The thicket of darkness trembles again and again,
The sky-lamp sways in that swing,
Natkona flower hanging in the sky.

Who swings the fan in the palm tree?
Who is under the roof?
Look again and again, dimly surrounded,
That mother's bush is covered in darkness,
The sky-lamp is like a ray of light.

Sitting in the dark with a blanket,
Shivering in the cold air:
The shimmering shadow in the canal-water trembles and trembles,
The stars in the sky tremble,
The sky-lamp is like a target of light.
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