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Photo competition “Beauty!”


Photo competition “Beauty!”

I never wanted white or blue,
I never threw a stone in the basket of desire.
I have never left the scope of wanting,
The intensity of ambition has never touched yes.

What has been seized by the touch of the hand without wanting,
It gave me satisfaction.
I have kept a hundred ugly things in my chest,
I put a smile on my face in a thousand sorrows.

I don't know what I can't get, I didn't do it.
There's nothing wrong with that; there's a habit to bear.
If you eat in the morning, don't eat in the afternoon, keep your stomach full,
The hair is not broken, but the hand is fluffy.

I have always explained that my obligations are the least.
Divanishi should be spent without eating kavi.
I have drawn round circles,
I am middle class with less demand.
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