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Photo competition “Beauty!”


Photo competition “Beauty!”

In the water of the river under the sky

The tide floats

Stand in your mind

Malla laughed and laughed.

Tari fell on the body

The river water is breaking

Make sounds in your own voice

Cheating cheated.

The boat sways in the soft water of the river
Where did you go old man?
The spirit of the silver fish lifted from the water
Who went to the friend's house, to the house of Pirit
The body of a cut fish calls in the bottomless water

Don't you know the love of water?
The golden body of the martyr melts
Don't you know there is a river?
Chhalakala, Chinali's Magnakala
Takes off the wood and dips it, chops it
At the end of some ghat of Pirit, the wood floats away

Kai Gela Kala Majhi Padma Kanakana
The air fish jumps and shoots fire in the air
The body is stuck in the water, the waves are dancing around
The boat sways in the empty water, where is the water ride
Thanking everyone, I conclude my short poem here.
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