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[Women] We want men like this.


### Dear serey all Good looks and established work are not the main factors that make a woman fall in love with men. The answer to the question "What makes a man attractive to a woman's eye" turned out to be quite clear. At least the research revealed the factors that make men's "selling points" increase in the presence of the opposite sex. ##### 1. Good looks A tall and sturdy body like Chris Hemsworth or a sharp view of Nicholas Saputra can indeed make a woman smitten. Physical attraction can be a value for a man, but that is not the main thing. Various studies have shown that women who choose a partner based solely on their good looks turn out to be a long-lasting relationship. ##### 2. Have a sense of humor Ask the woman what she likes about her partner and she will always say "He makes me laugh." Science has proven why women love men who can make them laugh. A good sense of humor will always be sexually attractive because it shows intelligence, warmth, creativity. ___ __ ### Thanks @zur
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