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The Role of Women in the World of Work


#### Dear serey all Some of the world's population is women who also have the right to work and have a career in the public. After undergoing transformation, women are now able to compete and become the best. The state has a big responsibility in eliminating discrimination against women. The growth of the practice of discrimination against women is very closely related to various problems that occur around them such as poverty and restrictions on women's rights in politics and for acting in the public sphere or at work. In fact, one of the principles in the view of Western Feminism emphasizes that every woman has the right to work outside the home as a man as long as she does not forget her nature as a woman. International Women's Day was first inaugurated in 1911, following the decision of the International Conference of Women Workers held in Copenhagen a year earlier. Now, after 100 years, rivalry in the world of work is still being fought despite progress. Organizations and agencies throughout the world simultaneously commemorate International Women's Day every March 8. This warning emphasizes the message that is re-echoed, namely the elimination of discrimination against women. This globally voiced message converged on one of the crucial issues, namely the role of women in the world of work, both equality in careers and employment, as well as protection of female workers. Apart from the history of International Women's Day, Indonesia also has various female leaders who also carve a history of the development of women's rights and roles in their lives. This is what inspired the women in the country to continue to excel, namely Raden Ajang Kartini, who we are familiar with, whose writing is titled 'The Darkness of the Light'. Until now, this is a motivation for women to work, study and entrepreneurship like men without forgetting their nature as a woman. Until now, the success of R.A Kartini's thoughts can be enjoyed by all women in Indonesia. A woman is no longer just locked in a house doing her kitchen work, but a woman can criticize a high education that can change her social status within the community even to work. Now it is only a matter of how and what efforts they make to obtain these rights with a series of efforts and hard work women will be able to achieve an ideal and direction for their goals without a barrier that separates these differences in gender equality. Until finally a woman can reach her dreams no matter how high they want. Now, the sentence of emancipation of women today is no longer a foreign sentence for us. With that, between men and women must respect each other and support each other in achieving common goals, does not mean discrimination because he is male or female. The development of women's gait in political, social, cultural and other developments will not reduce other supporting roles, as long as there is a high level of social control between the two. Although in general the division of labor between men and women is the same in several regions in Indonesia, especially companies, one of them is Jhonlin Group, which provides opportunities for women to work, pursue careers and even do what men do. Labor Law Regarding Women in Indonesia Gender equality refers to equality of rights, responsibilities, opportunities, treatments, and judgments for men and women. Until now there are quite a lot of provisions that regulate the protection of women workers, both in international conventions and legislation in Indonesia, among others; 1. Law No. 7 of 1984 concerning Ratification of the convention concerning the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. 2. ILO Convention No. 183 Year 2000 (ILO Convention on Maternity Protection) such as the Elimination of all forms of compulsory and forced labor, Abolition of child labor, Elimination of discrimination in terms of employment and occupation and Freedom of association and recognition of the right to collective bargaining. 3. Law No. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower (Labor Law). 4. Law No. 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights (Human Rights Law) 5. Law No. 36 of 2009 concerning Health (Health Law) Opportunities and opportunities for women to develop their potential today are increasingly open, but to be able to take advantage of these opportunities to achieve what women really want is not easy. It takes patience, hard work and a great sense of responsibility. It seems that the emancipation of women that continues to be echoed, has now begun to show results. In the current era, women can also work and make a career according to their talents and interests. Although some companies that are still fixated on this concept prioritize men over women. In certain cases, women have also dared to compete with men and have the widest opportunity to develop themselves. In some places this has been going on, everything has changed where gender equality continues to grow and more and more women are working in offices, industries and fields or even in the mining world. This can be seen from the increasing number of women working specifically in Jhonlin Group and all of its business units. Jhonlin Group provides opportunities for Tanah Bumbu women, especially those who have the potential and qualifications in accordance with the standards of labor requirements in Jhonlin Group. In recent years Jhonlin Group and all its business units have employed female employees not only in the office but also in the field. Not only that, they also obtain rights in accordance with labor regulations and policies that apply in the company. Currently female workers are still around 3% of the male workforce in Jhonlin Group. However, it does not require the possibility that the more future can increase depending on the workforce requirements of each business unit. Although in the world of work, especially mining, women sometimes still have limited work, but that does not become a barrier for women to be able to demonstrate work performance. While it does need a new paradigm in the mining world if women are also able to adapt even though the work environment is more male dominated. ___ ___ ### Thanks @zur
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