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### Dear serey all Some people still associate "smart and smart" with a rigid look of sorts of nerds. Even though there are actually many figures who are attached to intelligence like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg who are considered attractive and sexy. Some studies also even show this. One of them is a study initiated by psychologists Gilles Gignac, Joey Darbyshire, and Michelle Ooi from the University of Western Australia. They found that people with high IQs had high scores in terms of sexiness when judged by others. "Intelligence" Becomes the Second Factor of Attraction After "Goodness" Research on intelligence and attractiveness above involves at least 10 thousand participants from 33 countries in the world. One interesting finding was that the study participants placed "smart" in number two as an attraction. This position is only defeated by the factors of "good and understanding" which rank number one. So actually being good and continuing to train intelligence can make other people interested in us. ##### One of the indicators of intelligence is the taste of humor In that study also asked about what indicators were used to judge someone smart or not. Some say that one of the indicators used to assess a person's intelligence is his sense of humor. Because those who are intelligent are always open-minded and this open-minded person tends to have a good sense of humor. Those who are smart are also said not to be easily offended and aspirational towards new ideas. ![Picture3.jpg]( ##### Not Only For Individuals, "Smart And Sexy" Is Now Applied To Other Things This interesting blend is not only found in the matter of one's individual depiction. Because now many sectors also apply this concept. Try to look for example gadgets that always accompany us. Previously maybe a cellphone was only used as a voice and text communication tool. Now the development is far more than that. Starting from accessing the internet, social media, ordering food, directions to other functions that were only dreams. But you also don't want to just use smart gadgets, right? So many smart phone choices, of course you also choose the one that is designed to be attractive again sexy. Because it also shows identity. ##### Even Widespread Until Urban Planning Affairs Also Touched by Intelligence Elements Familiar with the term Smart City? Yup this is the concept initiated by Suhono S. Supangkat from ITB. The city no longer only sells the matter of "beauty and beauty" but also must be smart. According to him, S mart City is a city that can manage Natural Resources (SDA), Human Resources (HR) and other resources so that its citizens can live comfortably safely and sustainably. Such as the existence of transparency and public participation, public transportation, non-cash transactions, waste management, energy, security, data and information. This can be supported through information and communication technology. Imagine the fun of living in a city in this kind of arrangement right? ##### Do Not Want To Get Left Out, Vehicle Affairs Also Have To Adapt This The problem of "smart and sexy" is also spread to the affairs of the vehicle. Remembering this is attached to us and is used also for daily activities. It's natural if this concept is also applied to our vehicle. Take for example the Yamaha Lexi which carries the concept of "Smart is The New Sexy" which means that sexy is not only about appearance but about character, attitude and a smart mindset. Yamaha Lexi has 3 main concept pillars For Smart & Sexy Design, this motor combines the Luxury and Elegant elements with the lightest weights in the MAXI YAMAHA class. The classy appearance supported by the Grand LED Headlight lamp design plus a charming blue eye line strengthens the impression of luxury and elegance. Especially for the Lexi-S type, the seat design combines two combination textures that are combined with elegant stitching motifs to make the motor look more classy. Not only is the display because Yamaha Lexi has Smart Features. For variants Yamaha Lexi-S is equipped with Smart Key System feature which is a key system without alias keys keyless. This key has also been embedded with Immobilizer and Answer Back System features to make it easier for motorists to look for a motorized parking position. Driving in long distances is also now no need to worry because Yamaha Lexi has extensive luggage and is relieved to accommodate more luggage. Moreover, Yamaha Lexi guarantees motorists to stay connected via a Smartphone because it is equipped with Electric Power Socket to charge the gadget. Affairs of the runway are given to the Smart Engine. In terms of engine performance, the Yamaha Lexi uses a new generation of 125 cc Blue Core engines that are enhanced by Variable Valve Actuation (VVA). This machine will intelligently make the driving action more efficient, powerful and reliable with maximum power and torque at each engine speed. Moreover, Yamaha Lexi equipped with Liquid Cooled 4 Valves (LC4V) which makes the engine temperature more stable and maximum performance. Not stop there, Yamaha Lexi equipped with advanced features Stop & Start System (SSS) serves to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption when the motor is stopped. Moreover, added Smart Motor Generator (SMG) makes the motor sound smoother when turned on. __ ___ ### Thanks @zur
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