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Soft women are very like the man


#### Dear serey all There have been many women who unconsciously dissolve their gentle and shy side. Today's women are more courageous in expressing what they want, more courageous in making decisions, even expressing their love first. ##### 1. More Polite and Men Can Dominate Shy and gentle women tend to be polite and know manners, they carry feminine factors that make men comfortable with their attitude. Women like this will not scream in public places or make harsh words. As we know, men have a selfish and high self-esteem side, so a shy and gentle woman will make him feel valued as well as being able to show a powerful attitude as a man. For men like this, women who are independent and brave make them feel rivaled. While men prefer to dominate relationships. ##### 2. More Faithful and Submissive One strong reason why men like shy and meek and shy women is the attitude of those who can be trusted and loyal. Quite strange indeed, because even independent women can be loyal, but for some reason many men think that gentle women are more able to maintain relationships and be more loyal. Characters that are innocent, calm, timid and maybe a little fragile make men think that this woman is easier to be lost and loyal to. When this woman becomes a wife, they can be more obedient and agree with all of her husband's decisions. Meanwhile, independent women are considered too brave and smarter if invited to make decisions. ##### 3. Slow But Sure Unlike a good woman at the beginning of a relationship, men often hesitate when dealing with women who dare to take the initiative first. Men prefer to arrange their hearts to accept the presence of a woman in her life. Even though he realized that this woman he loved, men usually wanted to slowly go through it. If this happens to brave women, they are usually impatient and want everything to go fast so as not to waste time. Men think that shy and gentle women will make relationships run calm, slow but sure. For some men, women who are too brave and confident are a bit scary. So that men prefer women who can maintain the stability of the relationship. Here's our woman, May the men can understand and love us wholeheartedly. ___ ___ ### Thanks @zur
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