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Facts Champions League Trophy



![Fakta Unik Trofi Liga Champions yang Belum Banyak Diketahui.jpg]( - The UEFA Champions League is an annual football club championship between the greatest and biggest football clubs in the European Continent, and is commonly regarded as the trophy between the most prestigious clubs on the Blue Continent and in the World, because it is usually the Champions League winner deserves to be called the greatest club in the World at that time. Facts You Must Know About the Champions League Trophy Throughout the history of the Champions League rolling, there are only 5 European clubs that have saved the original Champions League trophy for several months. They are Ajax, Liverpool, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Bayern Munich. This refers to the UEFA rules, which since the Champions League entered the 1968-1969 season, clubs that can win Champions League competitions for three consecutive years or have won the Champions League five times are allowed to save the Champions League original trophy for the club gallery collection for several months. Under the new regulations, since the 2000/2001 season the clubs that have succeeded in the Champions League have won the Badge of Honor (BoH), this badge is given to teams that have won many titles. Starting from Ajax, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Barcelona and AC Milan. ![Trofi Liga Champions.jpg]( # Champions Champions League Trophy Facts >>Aside from the above facts, as a true football fan, here are 11 facts that you should know about the Champions League trophy: >This trophy was designed and created by Jürg Stadelmann, a creative artist from the city of Berne, Switzerland. which is now close to UEFA headquarters. Stedelmann was paid 10,000 Swiss francs to redesign this new trophy in 1967. >>Stedelmann said that working on the trophy was like compiling a puzzle, a piece of drawing, because Hans Bangerter (at the time the UEFA secretary general) wanted to design a new trophy that could represent a variety of cultures on the Blue Continent. >In making the trophy design, Stadelmann was given a deadline to complete his work in 340 hours until he had to sacrifice his honeymoon with his wife whom he had just married. >>The Champions League trophy is made of 925 silver pieces, where the material consists of 92.5 percent pure silver while the remaining 7.5 percent is from copper >This trophy has a width of 46.5 cm and a height of 73.5 cm. and weighs 7.5 kg. >>The Champions League under UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) has experienced major changes in terms of competition. The new era of the Champions League began in 1992-1993 and Marseille was the first club to win a trophy in the new Champions League era. >Real Madrid became the first club in Europe to save the original Champions League trophy precisely in 1967. >>Ajax was the Champions League champion 3 times in a row in the 70s and became the first club to receive achievements since the 1967 trophy redesign. >The last club that had the honor of keeping the original trophy for several months and getting a permanent replica was Liverpool (The Reds), which was in 2005. >>Since 2007, the Champions League trophy has been shown to four continents, namely North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Indonesia had the opportunity to 'host' this trophy tour three times, namely 2007, 2013 and April 2016. >The design of the Champions League trophy earned the nickname "La Oregona" or "The Big Ear" of fans of Spanish football because the handle is quite large. >>The myth, the player who touched the trophy before the match, will not bring his team the champion. This happened in the 2005 final between AC Milan and Liverpool. >Liverpool striker Fernando Morientes instructed his friends not to hold the cup as he passed on the edge of the field. But Milan Genaro midfielder Ivan Gattuso instead touched the trophy. >>Believe it or not, Liverpool won the 2005 Champions League on penalties, even though they were trailing 0-3 first in the first round.
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