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The team's announcement for the West Indies tour on Friday

zahidsun [source]( The West Indian tour will be announced on Friday, July 19. There is nothing clear about Mahendra Singh Dhoni's future for the one-day series starting August 3. Dhoni's future is being discussed after losing the World Cup semi-final to New Zealand. Hopefully, this 38-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman will announce the retirement in a few days. The committee, chaired by Vinod Rai in the COA's puzzle meeting after India in the World Cup did not discuss anything on the team's performance. The availability of Shikhar Dhawan was also officially told out of the World Cup due to injury. Sunil Gavaskar raised the issue of batting like Dhoni and Dhawan before playing in the domestic tournament before the World Cup. A BCCI official said the question arises, who gives the players the right to choose the tournament. Is this decision taken by itself and is it telling the selectors about it? A better argument is needed for this. A BCCI official said after meeting with the Committee of Prisons, the selectors will meet in Mumbai on July 19. We have not heard anything from Dhoni, but what will be the matter between the player and the selector, it matters. You would ask, Dhoni did a good presentation in the world cap. Only they can decide whether to play or not.
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