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It is wrong to comment on M.S. Dhoni

zahidsun [source]( Former India captain Kapil Dev has supported wicket-keeper batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He said it is wrong to criticize Dhoni.  It is absolutely wrong to criticize Dhoni for the slow innings in the World Cup. It can happen with any of the finest batsmen. The most important thing is that Dhoni is playing well. Kapil said that the biggest problem is that we expect more from our players than we need. They are performing well for the team. He said that Dhoni, like an aggressive captain like Virat, should be like a quiet player. Expressing displeasure over the existence of a review in the World Cup, the former India captain said, the number of reviews in the ICC match should be linked to one. This is especially important in knockout bouts. A review is not correct in the knockout bouts. One run or one wicket match can change.
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