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Britain's finance minister has suggested that the Bank of England consider creating a "Britcoin."



British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak suggested that the Bank of England should consider creating a "britcoin. The minister announced the creation of a new working group of the Treasury and the Bank of England, which will work on the issue of creating a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The Bank of England, for its part, said that digital currency could become a new form of money for households and businesses, while it will not replace cash and bank deposits, but will exist together with them. The regulator stressed that the final decision on the creation of CBDC has not yet been made.

The head of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey previously said that bitcoin cannot be a stable means of savings or an effective tool for transactions. In his opinion, the main cryptocurrency is unsuitable for use as a payment instrument and too risky for investors.

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