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Are we special?


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Each one of us is unique, compared to other individuals. 
But we are not special because special means to place yourself beyond the essential characteristics of the human being.
 In this sense, we would stand at the height of a Shakespeare monologue in his work "The Merchant of Venice" where the protagonist highlights the commonalities that all human beings have. 
He says, for example: “don't I bleed if I prick? In fact, it is about emphasizing the following: it is great to know that we are unique, but to know that we are not special is wonderful.

And it is about this: knowing ourselves unique but without falling into the trap of feeling special. 
And falling into the trap is as easy as ruining your hair on a windy day. We are special for the couple, for the son, for the parents, for a teacher, for the grandmother... 

that's what they tell us. And they make us feel special, we say. As you can see, it is about using one adjective or another.  The appropriate thing is to say: they make me feel unique and I am.

Note that we all share the adjective "unique" A seductive adjective because each "unique" collects a set of different characteristics that only one individual possesses.
 On the other hand, "special" includes a set of special characteristics, but it is an adjective that we do not share with other individuals, on the contrary, it isolates us.

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