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Your thumb size: Tells a lot about your character



All of you are happy to go to my post and read my articles every day. Today I have brought an interesting article about the size of your thumb which tells a lot about our character. All of you are warmly welcome on my post. I am sharing this interesting article with you all here. Where you get the motivation and mind to post a photo every day. ## Your Thumb is Flexible: Let me tell you that if you have a flexible thumb, then you are an emotional, creative and passionate person. ## Your Thumb is straight: Let me tell you that if your thumb looks straight, then you are a stubborn person and dominate. ## Your thumb is bigger than the above: Let me tell you that if your finger looks like this then you are a tough worker and you know the value of life and that being successful in life is not easy at all. ## The top of your thumb is longer than the bottom: Let me tell you that if your thumb looks like this, then you are a perfectionist, hard working and you try to perfection. Now what kind of thumb do you have? Let me know in my comments and comments box about this post. [Source](
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