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Western Union: Cryptocurrency can be "Another Option"



Its crypto earns enough interest because they already claim more than 130 currencies. Although the President of the Western Union Global Money Transfer, Odilon Almeida does not think that the industry is still there. The American Financial Service, the Giant Western Union, says they will be ready to add cryptocurrencies. ![]( In a video published by Western Union, Almeida believes that the company is in the right position to take advantage of the cryptocurrency movement for a long time as compared to any startup, he said, if this happens then they will be ready to launch. This cryptocurrency can become another option for exchanging properties between people and countries. Those who think that they have deep knowledge about the international currency transfer as well as millions of users. He has not yet accomplished three things governance, compliance and instability. He also explained that cryptocurrencies have so far been unable to adopt large scale. Because it runs money already in 130 currencies and they provide enough resources for all those three challenges. However in his opinion the Western Union is already better equipped to solve for such variables. [source](source - )
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